Man Spends $15,000 on Procedures To Make Himself Look Like a Dragon

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A man who has been transforming himself into a dragon for the last few years has taken the internet by storm this week.

Just wait until you see his shocking transformation…

People enjoy expressing themselves through body art and modifications… because who cares what others think?

They can become seriously addictive.

And many find that the fewer modifications they have, the more boring and generic they look overall.

But many people simply can’t get enough of altering their appearances.

This can lead people to go to the ultimate extremes…

And one of these people is Joshua Burns

He’s known for his unusual appearance.

And goes by “Burns the Dragon.”

Burns has spent a lot on his appearance.

Including carving scales into his arms and tattooing his eyeballs.

He started at 19 by splitting his tongue.

“I want to be 100 per cent covered as a dragon, and beat all the world records out there for the most modifications and tattoos,” he explains.

“But I also want to look aesthetically pleasing.”

“I’m liking where I’m at currently but every time I get another tattoo or another modification, I feel more confident and happier – and it helps with my career.”

He works as a performance artist showcasing his look.

And if he’s happy, that’s all that really matters!