Man Dubbed 'Mr Christmas' for His Light Displays Dies One Day Before This Year's Switch-on | 22 Words

In a tragic turn of events, the man who has been dubbed as Mr. Christmas for his iconic Christmas light displays has died just one day before the yearly light switch on.

Read on to learn about this incredibly jolly man...

As weird as it sounds, Christmas is coming...

Because we all know that 2020 has truly been a bizarre year!

But, hey, at least it's something to look forward to...

There's a lot to love about Christmas time.

There are the gifts, the family time...

The movies, the snow...

And of course, who could forget...

The decorations.

But sadly, not everyone gets to experience the magic this year...

For one man, in particular, decorating his house every Christmas was what he was known for.

Dubbed as 'Mr. Christmas' for his elaborate light displays every year...

Dave Edwards, who is from Watford in the U.K, never failed to impress with his remarkable Christmas light decorations every single year.

Mr. Edwards raised hundreds of pounds for charities over the years...

And his switch-on event became a popular village tradition, where people would gather just to see his masterpiece.

The festive man was known in his village for religiously decorating his house for forty-two-years!

Every year he added more lights, which eventually turned his home and garden into a Christmas wonderland.

But sadly, this year's switch-on was different.

Edwards sadly passed away recently after being diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer - just twenty-four hours before getting to see his favorite annual event, the Christmas light switch on. But thankfully, his daughter took on the responsibility in honor of her dad and switched on the lights herself last night.

It's what he would have wanted...

His daughter, fifty-year-old, Sharon Markham, turned on the lights after promising her dad she would if he couldn't do it himself.

Markham said: "The switch on went as well as it could, despite the rain."

"It was a really difficult day. I was so numb and am in shock still which is probably what got me through it all."

"My dad was such an amazing man, the community has been devastated and the tributes that have been flooding in are just breath-taking."

"We had a nine foot Christmas tree donated and people have been queuing for three days to hang ornaments on it - there's been so many that we've had to decorate other trees on the lawn and hang some from above the driveway too."

"Dad never got to see the tree but we did tell him about it and he said it was 'marvelous'. He could hear people queuing outside so he still felt a part of it."

"I know how much this all would have meant to him. He really was a true hero."

"Heaven has gained an angel and now he's back with my mum, Mrs. Christmas, and they can begin lighting up Heaven together."

Markham said she was just 8-years-old when he started the eye-catching Christmas displays on the house.

The tradition began after he started a light competition with a house across from theirs.

It soon became a popular attraction to which people would come together to witness his amazing decorating skills.

Markham and her husband Paul, have been helping with the lights for over twenty years...

And they even managed to get local celebrities to do the light switch-on over the last few years.

However, she admitted that as a teenager, she used to be really embarrassed by it all.

"Everyone knew my house as the Christmas house, and I would come home and find the driveway full of people trying to get a look inside the house, to see if it was as decked-out as the outside."

But over the years, she grew to love the tradition and how it brought people together.

She said: "It gets bigger and better every year. We usually have an amazing grotto in the garden, and we raise money for different charities - Dogs Trust, homeless shelters, food banks. We usually have about 2000 people coming out to see the lights."

Sadly due to covid, this year had to rely on a virtual switch on live from the "Mr. Christmas Fundraising Lights" Facebook page.

Markham organized a "fake" light switch-on where her dad got the chance to turn the lights on for one last time for his neighbors.

And amazingly, the video went live the same time as she turned on the lights.

Meanwhile, a GoFundme page to help support Sharon and her family has been set up after their devastating loss.

"It's been amazing. So many local businesses have donated. We've raised over £300 in just two days - it's gone mad."

She plans on using the fundraising money to save the "Christmas house" and keep it in the family, so they can honor their dad every year. Rest in peace, Mr. Christmas.