A man ate the "worlds biggest burger" in front of a vegan protest after accepting a dare from his TikTok followers.

Jordan Adams, known to his 745,000 TikTok followers as @yourajokeman, took to the platform to ask his followers what he should do for his next prank and when one user suggested eating the world biggest burger in front of vegan protestors...


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So that's exactly what he did.

In the video, which has more than 6 million views, Adams can be seen tucking into a burger as protestors stand behind him.


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The protestors can be seen stood silently in the middle of the area while holding signs and television screens that show clips from the agriculture industry.

One protestor was seen approaching the TikToker while claiming he "likes a joke."


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"So funny isn't he," the protestor said. "You like a joke don't you."

Adams then offered the protestor a bite of his burger.

The following clip showed a small altercation between Adams and another protestor as they tried to accuse him of littering.


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Attempting to get the police involved, the protestor said: "That's a finable offense. You just littered."

As the video finished, Adams was asked by a final protestor if he was proud of his actions.



And when he responded that he was, the protestor described him as "pathetic."

Of course, the video attracted a large debate in the comments with some people claiming it is just a "joke."


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While others said it was "extremely disrespectful."

"There's no need for that - super disrespectful," one person wrote.

What do you think of the controversial video?