Man Seen Entering Apartment but Never Leaving Found Dead | 22 Words

Remember the mystery of the man who was seen entering his apartment on CCTV before vanishing into thin air?

Well, there has been a heartbreaking update to the puzzling incident.

Here's the full story...

Now, people going missing will always be mysterious ...


But the story of Chris Woitel was truly mind-boggling.

As stated earlier, CCTV showed Woitel, a computer programmer, entering his San Fransico apartment on January 9th...


And never coming back out.

Of course, people were completely baffled by the strange story...


Woitel's family filed a missing person report with San Francisco Police on January 13th...


"There's been no activity. He's not been in his apartment," his sister, Lara Haben, told KPIX 5 News.

She explained how there had been no activity on his bank account, either.


"We're very anxious to find him... It's hard to sleep. It's hard to think. It's hard to focus on anything else. We miss him so much."

She added that, in the final days before he vanished, her bother had been acting strange and paranoid...


And had been posting "weird things on Facebook, freaking out over the Washington D.C. riots, asking for money for a lost cell phone, and speaking about escaping into the mountains."

His apartment was reportedly found empty by investigators, despite it being his last known whereabouts.


The chain was allegedly even on the lock.

Here's the last known footage.

San Francisco Police Department

He could be seen walking into his San Francisco apartment with a bottle of wine.

The camera never showed him come back down...

San Francisco Police Deparment

And, while his apartment has a back door, CCTV cameras covering that area never recorded him leaving, either.

But this week, over a month on from his disappearance...

Woitel has been found dead inside the very apartment he vanished from.

His heartbroken family confirmed the tragic news on Tuesday.

But, while a number of outlets reported that the building had been searched by police multiple times in the past month, Chris's devastated childhood friend, Mark Guarino, told TooFab that the police searched the building for the very first time on Monday.

"It wasn't an extra search. It was just a search," he claimed. "They didn't search until this week, so it wasn't extra. They just didn't do anything until this week."

His family is said to be "devastated and really frustrated"...

But it is too early to tell if they will seek to take further steps against the police for their apparent inaction.

Police have not revealed exactly where in the building the body was discovered, or given any indication as to how he died, or if foul play is suspected.


Though it is known that Woitel would frequently bring homeless people into his home to let them use his shower or to sleep for the night.

An autopsy is expected this week.

You can read his family's full statement below.

Rest in peace, Chris Woitel.