Man Finds Lost Dog, but Discovers It's Not Exactly What It Seems | 22 Words

This man's story of finding a lost dog when he was out on a walk is quite different from your run-of-the-mill lost pet saga. Even more exciting is what happened after he brought the special pooch home.

Join us for a wild walk with a lost dog that is definitely out of the ordinary. You will not expect what happens next.

The story starts with a man out for a walk.

He opens the first video on a walk in his new home. He says that he's only been there for about a week, but then the video starts to get weird...

He trips over something in the road.

Yeah, that's a robot dog. Just chilling in the middle of the road. Like ya do.

Some people were a little bit suspicious.

One commenter posted "cgi 14/10 acting 4" and to be fair, the "what the" that he utters after tripping does sound a little bit fake.

But come along with this robot dog story!

What could go wrong? Oh, other than the part where it might be a bomb. But other than that, what could go wrong?

Another possibility:

One commenter suggests it could be an alien, or possibly from the future. I do have to ask...why does this person think that aliens are robots?

The saga continues...

With him completely ignoring the pro/con list he made because ROBOT DOG. Honestly I would too.

Only to be faced by a small problem.

Yeah, that metal dog? It's gone now. How can you rescue a lost dog if you yourself lose it?

Hang on...

What is that dog doing? How is it moving? This is absolutely wild. Men in Black levels of unbelievable.

Phew, that was a close one.

Our hero managed to get the pup and put it in his wheelbarrow. Looks pretty cozy doesn't it?

Here's the big question though...

What now? What if this dog starts moving again? Can you imagine the anxiety of bringing a robot home when you have no idea if it's going to come to life at any moment?

Thankfully they made it home ok.

But the dog seems to be all out of juice. Do you think this guy has a spare dog charger lying around?

It's about to get even weirder.

The first time through this video just listen to our narrator sharing info about how he's trying to charge the dog.

The second time through...

Why is there a UFO? What is happening in this guy's workshop? I would be running out of there. Absolutely not.

For some reason at this point he still wants to turn on the dog.

I personally would not be excited to get the pup working when there's an unidentified drone flying around my garage.

But on the positive side, he did have the right charger.

Look at that puppy's little eyes! He's so cute! Even if it's possible that he's a bit sinister.

The best part of this entire story is the final line of that insta video.

Quietly whispering "I'm screwed" into the darkness is a major mood. I don't even have a robot dog and I feel it.

How did he get the power back on?

And more importantly, why did he bring that dog into his bedroom. It's a robot dude, it does not need its own soft bed.

And then he's going to sleep in the same room?

Absolutely not my dude, this is not the best plan you've ever had. And you picked up a random robo-dog off the side of the road, so "good plans" don't seem to be your forte.

We'll see if he makes it through the night.

He seems pretty certain that this dog is going to have significantly weaponry. It looks pretty harmless to me.

But maybe the pooch knows more than it's letting on.

Voice recognition? Ok, maybe this dog is a touch more advanced than we thought at first. And...does it know who he is?

No way, no how. 

If this random robot dog has correctly identified this man I'm going to lose it. That's just too wild of a coincidence.

I guess we'll have to wait to find out though.

Because apparently this pooch requires a LOT of rest and relaxation: 26 hours to be exact.

Honestly I'm jealous.

If I could have 26 hours to just sleep I think I'd be a pretty happy camper. If I had to wait 26 hours to find out what this weird dog was all about, I'd probably lose it.

He's alive!

Look at that absolute cutey. He's got quite the tongue on him too.

Wait...that's it?

There are no more updates after this. One of two things happened: this dog killed the guy making the videos.

OR this was a really cool mini filmmaking project.

And the creator doesn't have time for the next installment.

Do you think the story is real?

Or is this just some very impressive CGI work from someone who's stuck in quarantine?

Whatever the answer, this has been a wild ride.

People on Instagram definitely want to know more. One commenter said "We wait for the story to go on."

Others don't buy it.

But still seem to enjoy it, like the commenter who said "Man if only this was real. I would love one."

But at least that little robot pooch is safe now.

Let's just hope that he hasn't murdered the guy who found him. Because come never know.