Man Fired by Sherwin-Williams for His Paint-Making TikToks Is Taking a Job at a Florida Paint Store

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After being fired by Sherwin-Williams, this paint-mixing TikToker has just landed a new job at a Florida paint store…

And if you haven’t made a TikTok yourself, we bet you have at least watched one.

The platform allows users to make a variety of short-form videos that are on-trend.

Dance, singing, pranks, sports, and of course, lots of pets.

We’re not joking when we say it has everything.

And we know what you’re thinking…

Do people actually watch that? Yes! And one TikTok user has gotten very good at paint mixing.

Mixing paint.

His videos went viral after people found them so satisfying to watch.

He then does just that while also filming the process.

But like many others who posted videos at work, he was sadly sacked by the company.

He has now found a new job!

So when they heard the good news about his new job, they took to social media to share their thoughts!

At Florida Paints, he will start once again in the role of sales associate.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Tony added “I found that very special.”

Tony also added, “I really want to work in the paint industry along with social media itself, while still making content.”

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