Missing Man Found Dead Inside Stegosaurus Statue

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A man who was reported as missing by his family has been found dead inside of a Stegosaurus statue.

Here’s the shocking full story…

People going missing is always mysterious …

But this latest story is truly mind-boggling.

It’s hard to go missing nowadays.

Given the fact that technology is spookily tracking our every move…

But it is possible.

Which make missing person stories all the more mysterious!

But one story is absolutely baffling people this week.

As a missing man has been found dead inside of a Stegosaurus statue…

People have been left seriously confused.

The body of a forty-year-old man has been discovered inside a Stegosaurus.

His body was said to be crammed into the leg of a dinosaur statue outside a cinema in Barcelona, La Vanguardia reported.

The body was discovered by a father and son.

The pair regularly play in the area of the statue when one day they noticed an awful smell.

Upon investigation of the smell, they looked through a crack in the statue…

And saw what they suspected was a human leg.

After reporting their findings to local authorities, the statue was cut open.

And sadly, the body revealed.

It later emerged that the victim was a man who had been reported as missing earlier on in the day by family members.

An autopsy will now take place to determine the cause of death.

Police are investigating the idea of a freak accident.

They suspect he could have somehow dropped his phone through a hole in the Stegosaurus, and when he tried to climb inside to retrieve it he tumbled in upside down.

They do not suspect foul play.

Rest in peace.