Man Gets Testicles Trapped in IKEA Chair | 22 Words

For some, Ikea is heaven, for others its hell but, it is rarely ever both. It's the place we need, without the experience we feel we deserve. Either way, we have all been there and we all have our opinions on it.

It's got everything one could ever need to kit out a home, and it's usually far more affordable price than everywhere else. But, shopping at Ikea does not lead you to have anything unique. It is full of what are now considered to be standard items and as well as offering a classic experience, that everyone can relate to.

While most people around the world have had a fairly similar experience in Ikea, involving blue bags, plates of meatballs and putting together furniture, one man has had a totally different experience. And, it is totally unbelievable.

What's a typical day in Ikea?

Well, it involves making your way around a pre-determined path, picking up a version of an item that is identical to what everyone else has at home. Once it's home, you have the task of putting it all together which is actually pretty cool. It's sort of like building lego but for adults.

We all know the classic items.

If you haven't had one of these items on your wall at some point, can you even call yourself a millennial? From groovy teenage bedrooms to cheap practical rooms as students (and beyond), these mirrors have featured heavily in almost everyone's bedroom at one point.

Who hasn't had this problem at some point?

Ikea is there for all your most practical needs, and it is where you can find almost everything you need for a home, but there are some universal problems it creates. Like, why do they have to sell scissors that need to be cut open? Can't they see the irony?

Everyone knows the lights section.

Ikea is full of different areas, but one part that is particular to the store is the lights section. From bed-side lamps to mother-and-daughter reading lights, and even wacky-ass lamp-shades nobody needs, it has it all.

Is Ikea having us on?

Sometimes, it feels like it might all be part of one big joke. Surely someone has put this light on before and seen that it spends 'anal' against the wall? On the other hand, they probably never saw this testicle-related problem coming. Wait until you hear how they reacted.

Ikea has its own membership scheme.

Usually, Ikea family member prices give you a reduction. In fact, it can be pretty frustrating as a non-member. You might think you have just found a great deal but then it turns out it's actually only for people who have the family membership. But one person spotted a deal that definitely did not work out best, even with the membership.

For a lot of people, a trip to Ikea means just one thing.

Meatballs. For many people, they are the only thing that makes the hellish experience of being herded like cattle around a furniture store worth it. But for others, the meatballs are incredibly over-rated, taste average at best, and have a really weird smell. These people probably think the hot-dogs are where it's really at.

Blue Ikea bags are the real bags for life.

Have you ever heard of an Ikea bag breaking? No, of course, you haven't. Their blue bags are the bags for life that all others strive to be. They're spacious, sturdy and can fit an incredible amount of laundry. They're the bags that really can fit anything and everything in them. I've seen my house-mate bring back a couple of full-length mirrors, a drying rack, and a few a1 picture frames back from Ikea, all in one blue bag. Incredible.

This guy decided that the blue bags are really worth celebrating.

How this guy has even managed to take apart a blue bag in order to make this look seems extraordinary. While it might seem odd to start with, you've got to admit, it does seem to have a sort of stylish quality to it.

Ikea delivery is usually the perfect answer for car-less urbanites.

The prices are fiendish, but Ikea delivery can be the perfect way to get all your furniture to your new city apartment that doesn't have an elevator. But it now seems like it might be the perfect answer for those living in the most rural of places too. Who'd have thought that Ikea delivers to Antarctica? And, imagine how much that would cost when it's over $60 for a 15-minute journey. This might seem like a crazy Ikea story, but wait until you hear what happened to one man with his Ikea chair.

They have huge sections devoted to each room of the house.

One of the appeals of Ikea is that they have already split everything up for each room that you need. It makes it easier to visualize where it will go in your house, and find the little extras that are so useful. However, it looks like maybe their rating section could do with another look.

You cannot underestimate how big Ikea is.

Sure you can see from the outside that it is a huge warehouse, but the way it's split up into different rooms can make it seem a bit like a very large house. But you should not underestimate just how big it really is. This poor worker managed to walk over 3km, just by working on the till. That's already a lot compared to some jobs.

When was the last time you walked over 15km at work?

This poor Twitter user and Ikea employee posted just how much they have to walk when they are working on the carts. If you ever feel tired or sorry for yourself after a day at Ikea, think of how the poor staff must feel after every shift. They have to spend all day every day weaving from one over-crowded room to the next whilst having to deal with customers.

Are you even an adult if you haven't had at least one bad experience with this guy?

We all know this guy. We've all felt taunted and mocked by him. He makes everything seem so simple, as we are busy tearing our hair out looking for the Allen key, again.

Is it worth separating all the screws first to make sure you can see what you need at each point?

Or, is it a waste of time that's just going to make the furniture building take even longer? Ikea would surely recommend that you do the latter. But then Ikea seems to have some odd recommendations up their sleeve. Wait until you read what they said about the man who got his testicles trapped.

The self-assemble Ikea packs are difficult to put together.

If you have ever bought anything from Ikea then you know the sinking feeling. It is that moment when you have survived the Ikea herding, chosen something that you are pretty happy with, and taken it to its new home. When you take it out of the box, that's the moment you see just how many pieces there are, and not one of them is already assembled. That's when the crushing disappointment hits you as you realize that you are going to have to build your own furniture, for the next few hours. And even at the end, there will always be something not quite right about it. If Ikea did books, they would all have a slightly different ending.

It's never as simple as it looks.

You might think something as basic as a nightstand can't possibly take that long to put together, but nothing in Ikea is as easy as it looks. If you are ever in despair, just think of how long it must have taken to put together a new store. Someone will have had to assemble every single item in the store and suddenly one nightstand seems more manageable.

Have you ever made it through the assembly without any tantrums?

They make it seem so simple in the manual. The cartoon man always seems to complete the task with little confusion. In real life, the pieces just don't fit as simply as they should, and it's so hard to tell which way round pieces go. Making it through without any disagreements or tantrums seems like an impossible dream.

This couple has managed to make the most of the Ikea experience.

We dread to think about how many relationships Ikea has ruined but this couple have absolutely nailed it. Can you think of any puns that they missed? This video is hilarious, but we think that the prize for funniest Ikea experience goes to another man. Keep reading to find out what actually happened to him.

Did we mention that Ikea is Swedish?

In case the blue and yellow color scheme didn't give it away, it's worth mentioning that this furniture store is in fact Swedish. So it's no wonder the furniture all seems to have funny sounding names which are ultimately, just a different language.

Ikea holds the title for inspiring the best protest sign.

The best way to explain the sign is, say, you were promised a fully-furnished house, so decided to get rid of all the well-designed tasteful furniture that you already had. When all the new stuff arrived it was all in Ikea packages, without instructions and missing some pieces. It looked more promising in the store, but it is very different in reality. It is for this reason that we know this protest sign speaks the truth.

Ikea is on its way to being made of 100% recycled or renewable materials.

from Futurology
The earth is facing a true crisis aka climate change which is moving at an unacceptable rate. While individual consumers can try to do their bit, it is down to big companies who really need to make the change. So it's great news that Ikea has decided to try and take real steps to limit its environmental impact worldwide. Other companies need to take note.

It is not just its furniture that causes waste.

Restaurants and supermarkets throw out a lot of food each year. And the consumer is encouraged to buy more for less. Everyone is constantly overestimating how much they need, it's essential companies try to do more to reduce this waste.

There are some very simple steps that can limit impact.

They factor how ethical or environmentally friendly a store and its products are. One key feature is how far everything has to travel. Growing salad on site is one easy way to reduce the impact that shipping as on the environment.

It's not just the environment that Ikea is helping.

Ikea has really stepped up its innovation here. Many companies overlook how their furniture affects people with disabilities, brushing it aside as a specialist topic. But companies like Ikea can make the world a more inclusive and accessible place. Although, one man might not agree that Ikea can help in matters of health.

Big companies can make a big difference.

Big companies don't only have a negative effect on the world, they sometimes promote fairness and equality. Ikea, an international store, hires over 150,000 people worldwide. If they pay everyone fair wages and pay sufficient tax in every country they operate in, it is possible for them to have a positive impact on a great number of people's lives. In fact, they had a particularly strong impact on one man's life in Norway.

Meet Claus Jørstad the man who got his testicle trapped in Ikea furniture.

Claus is the Norwegian man who shared his horror story with Ikea on Facebook. He was taking a shower sat on an Ikea stool, it was all going well until he realized that something was wrong. He took a look and found one of his testicles had fallen through a hole in the stool seat and it wouldn't come back out. The warm water had expanded the testicle, yikes. He was trapped.

He didn't use the word testicle, he used a word along the lines of 'little nutter.'

Claus didn't know what to do, so he just sat and waited. He sat there for so long that the water even went cold. In his Facebook post, he described the water as being colder than his mother-in-law's smile when he married her daughter. Ouch. But, this freezing cold water was actually a blessing, it allowed his testicle to shrink back to size and he became free.

Ikea responded to Claus' story.

via: Facebook

Claus decided to post his story on the Ikea Facebook page, warning people so that they wouldn't make the same mistakes. Ikea replied in brilliant style, saying that maybe the issue was that he kept his stool in the shower. They suggested that he should remove the stool from the shower and make sure that he dresses appropriately in the future. It's worth mentioning that Claus has a bad leg, which is why the stool was there in the first place. But still, it's a valid point by Ikea. These stools were not designed for showering escapades.

Don't worry, Claus found a solution.

via: Facebook

Claus responded to Ikea with a new photo. It seems he has come up with a solution so that he won't get stuck again, and keep the stool in the shower. Is this the craziest Ikea story you've ever heard? Or do you have a story that's even stranger?