I know you have a lot of questions. What's the other thing he's scared of? Who is that guy? Who's that other guy?

Oh, and, "How can a man be pregnant??" Why, it's very simple.

Wyley Simpson is a transgender man. A few days ago, Wyley and his boyfriend Stephan appeared on the We TV's digital series Extreme Love as one of the first ever cases of transgender male pregnancy.

It was as surprising to the parents as it was to the world. Testosterone treatment, which transgender men have to go through regularly, was supposed to make pregnancy impossible. But, against all odds, Wyley got pregnant. Now, they had a tough decision to make, and they decided to keep the baby.

The journey wasn't easy, though. It involved lots of preparation, worry, and even complications. But let me tell you right away, this is one of those rare happy-ending stories.

Extreme Love.

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Distractify describes the main idea of the show as looking "at unconventional couples — from real-life vampires to sister wives — [and telling] the story of their unusual and unexpected relationships."

Wyley and Stephan's story is unusual all the way from their first date to pregnancy to future plans.

The episode featuring their story of accidental pregnancy aired just a few days ago on We TV.

Neither of them felt ready to have their first child, so they had a lot to worry about.

"I am scared of the pain. I'm not going to lie about that," Wyley told Extreme Love.

At the time of shooting the episode, the couple still hadn't started taking prenatal classes, Daily Mail reported.

"It's a little nerve-wracking," Stephan told Extreme Love. "It's making it all feel like it's about to happen. I'm like, where's the birthing bag? We're not ready."

But the thing Wyley worried most about was the way they would be treated by the hospital staff.

"I'm probably the only transgender male that's pregnant, probably, in Texas," Wyley explained. "How would I be treated as a transgender individual in the hospital?"

Especially when he's in labor.

"Okay, this is not something you're going to see every day, a man going through birth," he continued, "but, at the same time, we're still humans and [I want people] to know to call us by our correct pronouns and to respect us."

Wyley identifies as a transgender male.

"I have always felt uncomfortable in my female form body. I always felt different, like I am stuck in something that I don't see as myself," he said.

He knew that from a very early age.

"Once I hit puberty, that was a big turning point for me. I was just like, I want my chest gone. I want to have facial hair, but I didn't really know anything about that. I didn't know how to explain that."

He started wearing men's clothes, but it wasn't enough to make him feel right.

So in 2012, Wyley began taking testosterone injections. In 2013, he had a breast reduction surgery, but was yet to have an operation to create a penis.

Because of it, his dating life was difficult.

"Everybody that I dated in the past, they didn't accept me for who I was or they were all okay with it up to an extent, probably up to about where we became physically intimate," he said.

Until he met Stephan.

The two met on Grindr, a Tinder version for gay, bi, trans, and queer people. "The bio of his Grindr account said something like, 'Country boy, loves the wild, loves animals, vegan' and then like a picture of a tree," Stephan told Extreme Love.

According to Texas Standard, they bonded over their mutual love for nature and sustainable living.

They also shared the same unusual dream of living "tiny." Distractify also reported that Wyley fell in love with Stephan on their very first date: "I loved how he dressed, I loved how he acted, I loved his demeanor, his personality."

But Wyley's pregnancy made them even closer, Texas Standard said.

They never really expected to have biological children because of Wyley's testosterone injections.

Plus, Wyley hadn't had a menstrual cycle in years, Daily Mail said.

"We talked about testosterone and what he had been told by his doctors and what we had believed to be truth. Turns out, that wasn't truth," Stephan explained.

Only after 11 weeks of morning sickness and mood swings did Wyley realized he was pregnant.

"After I saw that it popped positive, I was nervous, I was very emotional. I started crying, I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to think, I didn't know what to say," said Wyley, as reported by Distractify.

They never thought it could happen.

Stephan admitted to Extreme Love, "As a gay person, I don't think I ever really planned for biological children."

Before making a decision, they had considered all of their options.

According to Texas Standard, that included keeping the baby, adoption, and abortion.

"I was just like, How am I going to do this when, for so long, I’ve tried to get away from being anything close to being feminine or anything to do with being female," Wyley said. “But it was just very scary for me because I was just like, This is not who I am; I never planned to get pregnant."

But eventually they decided to go through with the pregnancy and keep the baby, even though Wyley was still worried about stopping his testosterone treatment, said Daily Mail.

"For me, personally, especially being on testosterone for six years, I would have to stop treatment if I wanted to continue the pregnancy."

"So that was my main scare, especially after being on it for so long. How it would affect me mentally, that was my main concern."

Texas Standard also reported that Wyley was concerned about how going off testosterone would affect his masculinity and sense of self.

But eventually he realized that pregnancy and giving birth to his son wouldn't make him any less of a man or father. "I mean, I don’t see myself as any less of a man, and it was just an amazing experience. I’m glad I actually got to go through the experience that women go through – it’s just amazing."

As for Stephan, his main worry was creating the right home for the brand new baby.

Since they live in a converted bus, Texas Standard reported, Stephan worried there wouldn't be enough space for a growing child. But after watching hours of Youtube videos of much larger families living in much smaller spaces, he knew everything was going to turn out okay.

They figured out the most important thing that babies need.

"We were like, Yeah, babies just kind of want to be close to you and want to be loved and want that attention, so we can do that, we have that," Stephan said.

Once they made the decision to keep the baby, they became very committed to giving their child the safest introduction to the world possible.

They "did a lot of talking [and] a lot of preparing" to come up with the best birth plan.

But even after all the preparation, little Rowan's coming into this world wasn't that easy.

He was born cute and healthy on 5 September last year, reported Distractify. But labor had taken 3 days.

There were complications.

In the trailer of the Extreme Love episode, We TV teased: "an expectant parent is rushed to the hospital when complications arise."

The C-section.

Stephan said on Instagram, "So... pushing didn't go as planned. Almost 3 full days of labour and now we are just getting this baby out! I love my man so much. Never met a stronger human."

Then followed post-partum depression.

Distractify reported: "In a post on social media, he revealed that he endured a 'long mental battle with post-partum depression,' adding that 'most people don't glorify the hard parts of pregnancy.'"

However, he's much better now.

"I am doing better, but still have 'those' days ... for now I am all smiles and things shall get better," he shared with his followers.

The couple is thankful for all the people who were there with them throughout the journey.

"The amount of support has been tremendous," Stephan said, as reported by Daily Mail. "That has helped me have confidence in parenthood, [and learn to] rely on help when needed."

The couple has since returned home to their backyard bus.

But their adventure won't stop there. Daily Mail said they have plans to start traveling the country in their little bus-house very soon.