Man Imagines What Children's Drawings Would Look Like If They Were Real | 22 Words

Any parent will tell you they've had a lot of practice reacting to some slightly subpar drawings by their offspring. Try as they might, kids just can't seem to get it right when it comes to recreating realistic images. But one dad found surprising inspiration in these dodgy artworks.

Dad Tom looks over drawings by his 2 sons, Al and Dom - and then uses his photoshop skills to make them "real." The results are equal parts hilarious and horrifying - and oddly a little bit heartwarming, too.

45. Otters

Those 2 fangs are actually kind of horrifying.

44. Fox

We don't even know where to start here.

43. Rhino

Why is the head so small?

42. Tiger

Loving that squared-off butt.

41. Horse

Incredible snout-work here.

40. Tank

Loving this girly twist including beautiful bubbles.

39. "Self" Portrait

Not quite sure what motivated the eye placement here.

38. Tiger

That smile is nothing short of petrifying.

37. Sheep

We kind of find those eyes ... cute?

36. Puffin

Not looking particularly aerodynamic.

35. Erm ... Dunno

Not sure what this is supposed to be, but we do know we hate it.

34. Pig

Giving us Exorcist realness.

33. Sheep

Or, like, an amorphous blob, maybe?

32. Cat

Why they drew the eyes so googly is a mystery to everyone.

31. Meerkat

Again with the teeth!

30. Newt

Seeing all these creatures with human-esque teeth is something we could have done without.

29. "Unicorn of the Sea"

This guy looks like a pride mascot!

28. Hummingbird

Loving the use of color (and the absence of teeth).

27. Chimpanzee

Complete with oversized, human fist.

26. Another "Self" Portrait

This time it's the eyes that are really getting to us.

25. The Joker

This kind of looks like Jack Nicholson, right?

24. Dog

It's the triangular teeth that are making our skin crawl.

23. Kangaroo

The fact there's one normal kanga left in the image really highlights the other one's weirdness.

22. Dog

Why no nose? Why?

21. Camel

Round eyes, square teeth - a recipe for disaster.

20. Horse

Those are some statement nostrils right there.

19. Reindeer

Slightly religious looking antlers there.

18. Hare

Not gonna lie, we didn't even recognize what this was.

17. Dog

Who knew tiny teeth could be so frightening?

16. Pirhana

This one's kind of surprisingly accurate.

15. Elephant

This side-eye is actually pretty hilarious.

14. Mickey Mouse

The 4 eyes are confusing us a little.


The perfect confused expression here.

12. Rabbit

Wearing ... sunglasses, for some reason?

11. Giraffe

4 legs, 1 ... arm, and 2 ... tails?

10. Rocket

This one doesn't look quite so aerodynamic.

9. The Queen

Not quite sure how the royal family would feel about this ...

8. Tadpole

This is one of the cuter additions to the list.

7. Captain Jack Sparrow

For one, we actually don't hate it.

6. Goat

Truly a demon in animal form.

5. Car

We love these futuristic vibes.

4. Parrot

Kids love drawing sideways faces, is what we've learned here.

3. Unicorn

The rainbow butt is a perfect aesthetic choice.

2. Panda

4 legs, 2 arms, and absolutely no neck.

1. Mona Lisa

Saving the best 'til last with this take on a masterpiece - which is a masterpiece in its own right. Want to see more incredible photoshop skills? Scroll on for the amazing Instagram artists who put celebrities next to their younger selves. Kim Kardashian is particularly adorable.