Man Joins the Navy Specifically to Prove the Earth is Flat

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A man had the shock of his life when he joined the Navy for the sole purpose of proving the Earth is flat, only to discover the truth…

On AskReddit, where people go to ask the internet’s weirdest questions, one user posed the query: “Former flat-Earthers, what made you realize the Earth is, in fact, not flat?”

As you’d expect, the post received thousands of comments from people sharing their epiphanic experiences. But one comment that without a doubt beat them all was from TrungusMcTungus, who recalled working with a man when he was in the Navy who used to be a flat-earther…

The naval officer opened up about his colleague and how he specifically joined the Navy to prove once and for all that the earth is in fact flat.

Now that’s dedication!

The Reddit user started off by saying: “I have an acquaintance I met in the Navy, who joined specifically so he could see that the earth was flat while at sea.

“Every day he would chart the ship’s location, speed, heading, etc, a few times a day so he could make a map of their path,” he continued.

But it didn’t take long for him to realize that his data went against everything he believed…

“Ultimately he realized that the path the ship was taking would be impossible if the earth was flat, based on the distance they were traveling vs their speed.”

“When he finally got skeptical of the earth being flat, his LPO went topside with him and pointed out the curvature by giving him binoculars and explaining that if the earth was flat, he should be able to see the land they were making for. He couldn’t see anything off the horizon. After that, he was convinced.”

After reading his comment, many users highlighted how worrying it was that this flat-Earther was put in charge of navigation…

“Kinda problematic that it took that much,” one user wrote.

“I’m kind of amazed that a flat-earther was put in the field of navigation by the Navy. While I applaud his turnaround in light of the evidence, that was by no means likely. He should’ve been mopping floors, not navigating,” another commented.

A third wrote: “Wow, I’m more horrified that people serving in US Navy are that ignorant.”

Following an onslaught of comments asking for updates on the man, the Redditor shared that he is now a “successful machinist” and a “really good sailor.”

via Reddit

“Dude ended up reenlisting and is still in the Navy […] He now believes the Earth is a globe.”

Considering the grueling tests required to enlist in the Navy, and not to mention the 4-year minimum service, that’s a lot to take on just to prove the Earth is undoubtedly round.