Man Leaves Horribly Offensive Sexist and Fatphobic Messages to Girl he Matched On Tinder | 22 Words

Ah, Tinder. While, for many of us, it's a useful way to get yourself out there and meet some new people, for others, it's an absolute minefield of emotional pain. And there's really one primary reason for this: men are trash.

Obviously, there are a few nice ones out there, but the caliber of messages that women receive on dating apps is enough to make anyone lose their faith in humanity. But one interaction, in particular, went viral this week for some spectacularly vile content. One Twitter-user shared the abuse that she'd received online from one true Tinder nightmare. Want to read some of the weirdest (and dumbest) insults that you've ever seen? Keep reading.

Dating apps are a bit of a weird one.

In some ways, they're an excellent way to reach out and meet potential new romantic prospects - which can be difficult in today's fast-paced world.

But there are some worries that come with our dating app obsessed culture.

It can almost turn finding a potential life partner into something resembling a game - which does seem a strange way to go about looking for love.

It also reduces romance to pretty basic urges.

Because it's pretty hard to decide whether you could have a connection with someone based entirely on what they look like - and that tends to be all that dating apps are based on.

Which usually means one thing.

Dating apps bring out the worst characteristics in us all. And if you're looking for someone to behave well - well, you'll be best looking elsewhere.

And there tends to be one group of particular culprits.

Not to stereotype - but let's stereotype for a minute. When someone goes viral for being a nightmare on a dating app, it's almost one hundred percent of the time a male.

Sure, it's fine to just be looking for some casual fun.

But it's still important to treat those that you interact with like actual human beings and offer them some level of respect.

But, once in a while, a story will truly shock the internet.

Sometimes there's an interaction between two people on an app that's so heinous that it essentially beggars belief. And such a conversation has surfaced this week.

This is the unlucky recipient.

Her name is Emily Langsdon and she's a nineteen-year-old dance teacher from Essex, UK.

She hit headlines after sharing one of the weirdest Tinder interactions ever.

She and her "match" started off on the wrong foot, as he opened with gross line, "I'm jealous of your heart. It's pumping inside you and I'm not." Yuck.

Emily was extremely patient with the Tinder creep.

Unlike many of us, who would likely have answered in the negative - or simply unmatched for good... But Emily decided to give the guy a chance, replying, "Well, that was different."

And the man's response?

Well, he kindly just hit back calling Emily a "slag." When she questioned him on this, he tried to blame his teddy bear (?) then quickly moved on.

But his next comment was even more bizarre.

He asked Emily (who has some pretty standout blue hair) which one she was in a group photo. When she replied "obvs the one with blue hair," he charmingly hit back with, "what, the fat one?"

Emily shared the interaction on Twitter.

She called out the man, known only as Matt, for his cruel (and very weird) chat, calling him "canceled."

After being called "the fat one," Emily made one final attempt at a response.

She succinctly wrote, "wow, you're such a delight ain't you?" But the man wasn't finished yet - he came back with one final jibe.

And it regarded one (extremely British) dessert food.

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Matt's parting words? "Bet you like Angel Delight, you fat ****." Which left the internet with one very probing question. Who doesn't like delicious butterscotch flavor pudding?

In fact, many have flocked to Emily's defense.

One Twitter-user wrote, "Nothing wrong with Angel Delight either?! I maybe 22 but it’s just as good as it was when I was a kid!"

Emily then revealed what happened after this conversation.

It's clear that he continued to excel himself in the charming stakes. "I didn’t chat to him any further, that was literally our whole conversation. After that, he asked if he could have my friend’s number," Emily confessed to the Metro.

And he didn't stop there.

Emily went on: "Then asked if I was a virgin. I unmatched him afterwards because I thought he was an idiot!" Fair enough!

People on Twitter have flocked to Emily's defense.

Many have looked at her photos and think that no man has any business trying to knock her confidence!

And one man offered a pretty perfect response.

We hope that the original Matt is feeling a little bit sheepish for the amount of negative attention that his rudeness has received. Maybe now he'll learn to be nicer - although we aren't holding our breath.