Man Left Humiliated at the Beach After Girlfriend Gives Him Dissolving Swim Trunks | 22 Words

An unsuspecting boyfriend was left a little red in the face after his girlfriend played the ultimate prank on him...

This could be the mother of all pranks.

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A man's vacation was spectacularly ruined when his girlfriend decided to gift him with a somewhat unusual set of swimming trunks.

The unsuspecting man had decided to wear said swimming trucks on a trip to the beach...

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But, little did he know, everything was to go pear-shaped as soon as he stepped foot in the ocean.

Now, we're all aware of the more traditional pranking methods...

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Silly Post-It notes stuck to your colleagues back, tying shoelaces together, Saran wrap wrapped around the toilet bowl... The list could go on.

But these days, people have been significantly upping their prank game.

In the last couple of years, pranks have grown to become elaborate and, quite frankly, geniusĀ public spectacles.

There is now a whole array of ways in which you can prank a loved one...

Some people tactically balance mentos mints in the lids of cola bottles for their unsuspecting friend to activate, while others strategically place creepy manakins in their bed as they sleep.

But, out of all these inventive pranking methods...

The dissolvable swimsuit is by far the most comedic.

A dissolvable swimsuit? I hear you all ask.

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Yep, there is a whole range of swimsuits - bikinis, one-pieces, and swimming trunks - that are made using a water-soluble fabric.

They are typically bought to prank unsuspecting friends...

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Who find themselves wearing nothing once they're submerged in water - whether it be a public swimming pool, their hotel swimming pool, or the ocean.

In the last couple of years, there has been an influx in "dissolvable swimsuit" videos circulating the internet...

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But this week, we may have just seen the best one yet.

The latest incident was filmed and posted by British couple, Reuben and Rebecca...

Who run a joint YouTube account, ReuBekah Vidz.

The couple, who share 2 children together, base their content primarily around pranking each other...

And have gained over 50,000 subscribers as a result.

But their latest video could possibly be their best prank yet.

Well, it could be Rebekah's best prank yet.

While on vacation, poor Reuben was gifted with a pair of dissolvable swimming trunks...

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Which, of course, he had no idea about.

While watching from the safety of the sand, Rebekah filmed her unsuspecting boyfriend as he walked into the ocean...

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And slowly submerged himself.

However, it was evident from the get-go that Reuben knew something was wrong.

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As Rebeka giggles behind the camera, Reuben can be seen in the distance feeling around under the water.

He looks completely baffled...

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And can be heard calling out to his girlfriend, who is quick to erupt into fits of laughter.

He then attempts to walk back from the water...

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All while preserving his dignity, which obviously proves to be a next-to-impossible task as the shorts have completely fallen apart.

He looks around nervously...

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Knowing that he will have to make a naked dash for it.

He eventually musters the courage to stand up...

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And uses the remaining pieces of cloth to cover his manhood.

Reuben makes a run for it...

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And he can be heard frantically asking for the towel as Rebekah shrieks with laughter.

Understandably, he was mortified.

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And he says, through embarrassed giggles: "I haven't got any other shorts! They've seen my a***, I had to say sorry to them. They've seen me getting smashed against the f****** rocks, like some f****** moored up whale."

Luckily, he manages to see the funny side (eventually)...

And makes it back to the car with the towel wrapped firmly around his waist.

You can watch the full video here.

I can imagine Reuben will be packing his own suitcase from now on. For more on shocking pranks, keep scrolling...