This is the story of a man who was living in a 3-bedroom house for over 20 years without being evicted, despite the fact that he didn't actually own the house!

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This is the story of Guramrit Hanspal.

Guramrit is a Long Island man who's made headlines across the globe today.


Because he lived in a home for over twenty years.

How's that a story, you ask?

Because he didn't actually own the house he was living in!

He only ever made one mortgage payment for the house.

But was able to use the courts to stay in the house for 23 years.

All for free.

More specifically, Hanspal filed four lawsuits and claimed bankruptcy seven times to avoid being booted out.

He "bought" the home for $290,000 in 1998.

And it's a pretty sizeable 2,000 square foot home too...

And thus far, his court dealings have worked.

Two separate banks and a real estate company have owned the three-bedroom, 2.5-bath home since Hanspal was foreclosed upon in 2000.

But who's been there the entire time?

That's right - Hanspal.

But he isn't the only occupant.

There's others exploiting the U.S. Bankruptcy Code's 'automatic stay' rules, which give debtors a temporary reprieve from all collection efforts, harassment, and foreclosures.

At least three others who have listed the address as a home have filed for bankruptcy.

They two won the "automatic stay," only to have the claims eventually dismissed, according to court records.

Attorney Jordan Katz, who represents current property owner Diamond Ridge Partners, explained:

It's really a group of people that are more than willing to use the courts and abuse the courts to whatever extent they need to extend their illegal occupancy.

Katz added that Hanspal's history of using the courts is 'incredibly long and sordid'.

He added that although many others use the courts this way, 'nothing even approaches the length of this one'.

"It's an outrage!"

He added: "He's not legally occupying that property."

And according to the New York Post.

It's worked out pretty well for Hanspal who's likely saved over 400,000 dollars by not paying his bills...

But is time running out for Hanspal?

Well at least one judge thinks it's time this came to an end.

Nassau District Court Judge Scott Fairgrieve wrote in a December 2019 housing court proceeding:

"The history of this case going on for approximately 20 years must come to an end."

Diamond Ridge has spent $150,000 on legal fees and paid $50,000 in property taxes since buying the home.

And right now - there's still no definite end in sight.

And will it come to an end?

Again, nobody knows. However it has been reported that COVID could give Hanspal yet another reprieve.

It's certainly a peculiar story.

And after over 20 years I personally doubt Hanspal will be going anywhere in a jiffy...

According to reports he's not replying to any messages...

Which certainly suggests he isn't planning on moving soon either!