Man Loses More Than 18kg by Only Drinking Beer For Lent | 22 Words

A man has lost more than 18kgs by giving up food for Lent and replacing it with beer...

Now, when someone's trying to lose weight...

Drinking lots of beer isn't typically their first move.

Because, while everything is okay in moderation...

Drinking gallons of beer is not only very unhealthy, it's also not going to help you tone up or lose a few pounds.

But one man has proven otherwise...

Del Hall lost 18kg after he gave up food for Lent, replacing it with just beer, tea, coffee and water.

But after sharing the results online, it's left people very worried about the effect it might have on his body...


Del Hall, from Cincinnati, gave up food for Lent to raise money for bar and restaurant workers who have been affect by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the past few weeks, Hall, a brewery owner, has relied on beer, coffee, tea and water to somehow fuel his body for the day.

Hall drank between three and five beers per day.

Finishing Lent on Good Friday having drank 230 beers and, surprisingly, having lost 18kgs.

Hall dropped three trousers size going from an XXXL to an XL in the time.

Which he may be happy about, but we're pretty certain his liver won't be too healthy from it.

Speaking to Fox News 19, he explained: "I was looking forward to the weight loss, I was looking forward to how my body felt and I was looking forward to raising some money."

"And all those things came to fruition so I'm extremely happy with how this year turned out."

So far, Hall has raised more than $12,000 which he hopes to distribute among 43 bars and restaurants in his local area.

He also hopes to raise more in the coming weeks so he can give each business $500 as tips share with employees.

"If I can walk into 43 bars and restaurants and I can put $500 additional dollars into their tip jars, that's a big win."

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