Man Makes 14-Hour Boat Trips Every Week to Feed His Whole City | 22 Words

Way too many people around the world have been left without groceries due to the extreme stockpiling that people have been doing during the pandemic. But it's thanks to the kindness of strangers that we're all managing to keep calm and move forward.

However, one man has taken his kindness to a whole new level as he travels fourteen hours by boat in order to provide essential supplies to his city.

Keep scrolling for the incredibly scary snapshots of his journey.

Recently, the demand for basic groceries has been higher than ever.

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With the deadly virus still sweeping the planet, millions have descended into mass hysteria - And have been frantically stocking up on basics such as toilet paper and dried pasta as a result. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write.

A large proportion of the world is currently in lockdown...

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And, while most are calmly self-isolating at home, many have been taking to their local supermarkets to stockpile on supplies.

The scenes have been truly apocalyptical.

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Thousands of frenzied shoppers have been seen hoarding on non-perishable items to see them through the pandemic.

And, as a result...

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The supermarket's shelves have been stripped completely bare.

People have been hoarding everything and anything.

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Canned goods, fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, frozen meat... You name it, it's been unnecessarily hoarded and stockpiled.

It's truly shameful...

And one of the more heartbreaking realities of this stockpiling is that many people, including the elderly and the vulnerable, have been left with nothing.

But, out of all this selfish stockpiling...

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There's been one item that's a little more desired than others.

Toilet paper.

Yep, people simply cannot get enough of the stuff.

Panicked shoppers have been frantically stocking up on toilet paper...

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And none of us are entirely sure why. Thank God that's stopped now.

Evidently, thousands of people have an underlying fear of being caught short while on the toilet...

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So they have been completely rinsing supermarkets of their supplies, meaning that many are struggling to find any toilet paper anywhere.

Many efforts have been put in place to combat the toilet paper frenzy...

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Forcing supermarkets to put in place strict regulations as to how many packets of toilet paper a customer can purchase at a time.

Things are just as bad all around the world.

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And because the shelves are being emptied at such a fast pace, the elderly and vulnerable have been left behind in stocking up on their daily supplies.

It is utterly devastating to know that these selfish acts have left the elderly unable to do their weekly shop...

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But thanks to the kindness of strangers, the elderly and the vulnerable don't have to worry about getting stuck in the horrific scenes at the grocery store.

But one particular man has taken his kindness to a whole new level.

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Toshua Parker, a supermarket owner in a remote area of Alaska has gone the extra mile to make sure the people of his city have access to the essential supplies they need.

Every week, he takes a fourteen-hour boat ride to fulfill his duties.

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Parker owns Icy Strait Wholesale in Gustavus, Alaska, and has been voyaging weekly to Juneau which is almost fifty miles away, so he can purchase goods at Costco.

The journey is long and grueling for him and his staff.

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But it is a crucial trip for the 450 residents that live in the area because he owns the only supermarket there.

On a typical day, he can wait for his stock to arrive...

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But due to the long wait times for deliveries because of the pandemic, his city would suffer without the weekly journeys.

He told CNN this:

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"It’s funny because, for us, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. Alaskans are fiercely independent and resourceful; you really have to be to survive here. So, when a problem arises, we don’t typically look to someone else for help, we just find a way to do it."

It hasn't been an easy ride, that's for sure.

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Storms and high tides have proved to make the trips much harder, but in the end, it is all worth it for the safety of his fellow local residents.

Here's a shocking snapshot of one of the more scary journies:

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