Man Marries Mother-In-Law After Falling for Ex-Wife's Mom | 22 Words

A man has this week come forward with his somewhat unconventional story of love...

It doesn't get much stranger than this.

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The man, who has been happily married for thirteen years, has now opened up about his and his wife's somewhat controversial history.

She used to be his mother-in-law.

I told you it was a weird one.

Now, most of us have experienced an in-law of some sort...

So most of us will know that the relationship with a mother or father-in-law doesn't go much further than a weekly - or monthly - visit.

And mothers-in-law, in particular, have gained a somewhat unfavorable reputation over the years...

We all know the mother-in-law (or the monster-in-law) stereotype.

According to the stereotype, mothers-in-law tend to be bossy, manipulative...

And generally just unpleasant and difficult to endure.

However, one man felt a little differently about his own mother-in-law...

So much so that he ended up marrying her.

Clive Blunden just couldn't hide from his true feelings.

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The sixty-five-year-old first met his now-wife, Brenda, when he started dating her daughter, Irene. Ironically, Brenda, seventy-seven, admits now that she took an instant disliking to Clive when he first struck up a relationship with her daughter.

Clive married Irene in 1977...

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And they had 2 children together before divorcing in 1985.

But it wasn't until 4 years after the divorce that Clive and Brenda struck up their secret romance.

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Speaking to The Mirror, Brenda said: “We fell in love. One night, he took me for a drink and we ended up kissing."

Eventually, their romance went public...

And it was met with a lot of controversy, as you might well have expected.

But despite the rift their relationship had caused in the family...

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Clive and Brenda remained true to their feelings, with Clive getting down on one knee and popping the question a few years later.

In 1997, the loved-up couple officially tied the knot.

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Well, they tried to tie the knot, that is. Clive and Brenda headed to the Warrington registry office in their home town to exchange their vows.

However, shortly after the ceremony...

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Clive was arrested on the basis that there was a "lawful impediment to their marriage."

At the time, it was against the law to marry a parent-in-law, unless the husband or wife had died.

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Clive had been warned that marrying his mother-in-law could land him in jail for up to 7 years but, because Brenda’s first husband had passed away, and Irene had gone on to remarry, the couple had wrongly assumed they would be free to get married.

So, in order to avoid being sent to prison...

They settled to Brenda taking Clive's surname by deed poll. However, this didn't sit right with Clive, who began campaigning for the 500-year-old law to be altered.

It would be another ten years before a European court ruled that banning in-laws from marrying was a "violation of their human rights"...

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But, finally, Clive and Brenda could officially marry. “I remember when we heard the news on the television, in September 2005," said Clive. "I went down on one knee straight away and proposed to Brenda. I had tears in my eyes."

On March 17, 2007, the couple finally became husband and wife at the Warrington register office...

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The same place where Clive had wed Brenda’s daughter thirty-years earlier.

They have remained happily married ever since.

However, Brenda admits that they don't exactly go out of their way to tell people how they met. "We don’t go out of our way to tell strangers about how we met and even when we do they don’t believe us. We have lots of friends and our neighbors are fantastic. A lot of people thought it wouldn’t last but the truth is, we can’t live without each other."

And many have been wondering one thing...

How exactly does Brenda's daughter and Clive's ex-wife and mother to his children, Irene, feels about the whole set-up?

Well, as you'd expect, she isn't happy.

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Speaking 8 years ago, Irene said she had thought her relationship with Clive was for keeps and told how her mum had "betrayed" her. "I don’t even know who my mum is anymore," she said. "She betrayed me. Clive has split our family apart - and I will never forgive him."

Brenda claims that she has attempted to reconcile with Irene...

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But, unsurprisingly, has not succeeded. For more shocking in-law stories, keep scrolling to read about the mother-in-law who turned up to her son's wedding in a wedding dress...