The urge to kill has been a subject of intrigue for decades - especially when it comes to random attacks.

But one bizarre crime has shaken the internet today.

While the crimes of those who kill are utterly heinous, something about the darker side of humanity seems to intrigue many of us.

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Why would anyone want to kill another human being? Why do they think they have the right to take someone else life away from them? The questions are endless.

Names such as Ted Bundy and Charles Manson are enough to make anyone feel uneasy...

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Serial killers have struck up terror in society for decades, so it's no wonder that many of us are fascinated by what causes them to kill.

Many of us are curious about what motivates their cold and calculated crimes.

And these monstrous killers have long been the focus of countless psychological studies.

The sheer conflict between horror and humanity has fascinated many professionals...

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Why anyone would want to inflict such horror on another human being is truly a mystery.

But there's one crime that's truly shaken the internet this week.

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The random attack just seems totally senseless.

Last Thursday at about 11:50 a.m, police were called to a home in Encino.


Adam Dimmerman, forty-seven was arrested and taken into custody for assault with a deadly weapon.

But hours later, police were called to another nearby residence where a man had been found with "numerous contusions and lacerations inside his residence."


The victim, Yousseff Mahboubianfard, 102, was found in his garage, having been stabbed to death.

Dimmerman, who was already in police custody, was charged with murder with a $2 million bail. Police have not yet released a motive.


"I thought he fell," his grandson, Jason Shakib, told KABC. "I had no idea. They told me he fell in the garage and my cousin came home and found him."

"I just thought he slipped and fell because he was an older man. I had no idea there was a guy with a machete running around killing people."


"There's no reason for it," neighbor Peter Maranian agreed. "There's no explanation. You see a man that's gone through a lot in his life and he's gone through COVID as well, and now this happens to him. It's really very sad."