Man Has Only Worn Historical Clothing Since The Age of 14 | 22 Words

When we think of vintage clothes, we think of our mom's old Levi jeans, a hand-me-down sweater, or maybe a cute dress from the thrift store.

We don't tend, think of literal vintage clothes. And when I say literal, I mean actual garments of clothing from the Victorian period. Top hats, tailored jackets, waistcoats, corsets... Fashion back in the day was interesting, to say the least.

And there's one young man who is certainly a couple of seasons behind when it comes to his fashion sense.

Zack Pinsent, from Brighton, U.K., has worn nothing but historical clothing since he was fourteen... And he has never felt more comfortable.

And, incredibly, he has even made a business out of it. Keep reading to hear Zack's story, though, be warned: It may make you want to ditch your jeans for a glorious pair of knickerbockers...

The world of fashion can be a strange place.

It's a method of self-expression. No matter what kind of person you are, there is some garment of clothing out there that will help you express who you really are.

And there are always people who take things to the extreme...

Some people will wear the most ridiculous things, and attempt to justify it by calling it fashion. Don't even get me started on bucket hats...

Others simply struggle to keep up with the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Honey, it's 2019. Flared jeans were left behind in the '70s. It takes a little extra encouragement for some people to dress appropriately for their decade.

Though vintage clothes are very fashionable nowadays...

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Dressing in clothes that were designed a couple of decades before you were even born is all the rage right now.

But there's one man who's dressing for the entirely wrong century...

Yep, it turns out that there is, indeed, a market for the most vintage of vintage fashion.

Meet Zack Pinsent.

At the ripe age of fourteen, this young man decided to ditch his jeans for more, ahem... traditional attire.

Modern clothing just wasn't doing it for Zack.

The twenty-five-year-old, from Brighton in the U.K., told the BBC that his traditional fashion sense is simply his method of self-expression and that he's never felt happier with his image.

Though his outfits attract a lot of attention...

He claims that none of it is about getting attention from others. Zack is a firm advocate in self-belief and thinks that if you enjoy doing something... why should you stop?

And he doesn't let the haters stop him.

Haters gonna hate, right? Even though a lot of people find Zach's fashion sense strange, he strongly believes in his fashion choices and doesn’t seem to be bothered by the laughter and cruel jibes that he experiences on a daily basis.

Though Zach admits that people are generally very supportive.

He claims that, while cruel comments are inevitable, most people are "really, really appreciative and interested" in his fashion choices.

He hasn't worn modern clothing for over ten years.

Although he wore modern clothing for the first fourteen years of his life, Zach claims that he "hated every minute of it," and only ever wanted to don a more traditional, Georgian-styled attire. And he insists that he feels "ten-feet high" when wearing his outfits.

He got rid of his last pair of modern pants...

By burning them, apparently. He doesn't see the point in going back to regular clothing since his "evolution."

And he hasn't looked back.

Zach has continuously worn period outfits every single day ever since. If that isn't dedication to something you love, I don't know what is.

And he decided to turn his passion into a career.

Yep, Zach is combining both his passion and dressmaking skills to bring us the thing that we never knew we needed...  Men's and women’s bespoke Georgian clothing.

Pinsent Tailoring is here for all of your Georgian fashion needs.

Ranging between the time periods of the 1660s to the 1920s, Zack's main focus is the Georgian and Regency period and, since the launch of his business, he has been swamped with orders.

He has even generated interest overseas.

Yep, eagle-eyed fashion enthusiasts over on this side of the pond spotted Zach's project and instantly fell in love with it.

He was recently here visiting New York...

Like all the Brits do. Zach flew into New York to meet for fittings with clients who had expressed an interest in his clothing line.

And, don't worry...

All of Zach's designs and creations are historically authentic and accurate; he only uses fabrics that were available at the time period of the desired garment. On his website, one happy customer described Zach's services as, "One of the best tailors in the country for correct reproduction clothing. If you want cheap go elsewhere. If you want correct and well-tailored then come here."

Pinsent Tailoring is more than just clothes, however.

Zach aims to make you the best "you" that you can be, by helping you to build confidence in your fashion choices and expressing your individuality, all while feeling good and looking good, too.

We love you, Zach!

Well, I'm personally a huge fan, I don't know about you guys. Regardless of what you think of his fashion choices, Zach is an excellent example of sticking with what you love and of staying true to yourself, despite what the haters say.