You Can Now Buy a Pillow That Feels Just Like a Man, but He Comes Without the Drama

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One of the best things about having a significant other is always having cuddles on tap. But if you’re in between relationships or consciously uncoupled, that shouldn’t mean you have to go without snuggles! And now Amazon has you covered with a pillow that has all the comfort of a partner, but with none of the other issues

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Meet the Boyfriend Pillow.

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Not only is this a hilarious concept, but it also promises to be a high-quality and comfortable pillow too.

​It’s hypoallergenic and has a 100% cotton cover, so it won’t irritate you like a ​real ​boyfriend.

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​Plus, hugging a loved one is proven to have psychological benefits – so this has got to do the same, right?

Over 700 happy customers have given this pillow a 5-star rating.

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“I bought this as a joke and now I am a true believer, and I blame each and every one of you for this. My comfort levels are off the charts,” one customer writes.

“This is a great pillow! My boyfriend left me for his ex and I needed something to cuddle with while binge-watching True Blood and Game of Thrones. I kind of wish it had separated fingers so we could hold hands but the lack of a mouth to tell me a bunch of lies kind of evens that out. Highly recommend!” another agrees.

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