Man Posts Old Family Photo and People Are Losing It Over Tiny Detail That Went Unnoticed for Years | 22 Words

A man has gained viral fame after he shared an old family photograph...

And it's all over one tiny, unnoticed detail.

It all started when M.T Anderson, an author from Cambridge, Massachusetts, shared the seemingly normal throwback family photo with his Twitter followers.

The photograph features himself, his parents, and his little sister at Christmas time...

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But there is one aspect of the family snap that eagle-eyed Twitter users were quick to lose their minds over.

The photo has now been retweeted over 35,000 times...

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And has a further 200,000 likes and reactions.

Not what you'd expect from a family throwback, right?

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We all have an abundance of ancient family photographs gathering dust in our attics, and it's likely none of them would be much use to anyone else.

These kinds of snaps are incredibly personal...

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So, of course, they won't be very entertaining for anyone else... Especially the entire Twitter community.

Well, this is exactly what Anderson had thought...

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But, after uploading the family throwback, it somehow garnered a lot more attention than he had originally anticipated.

Evidently, this was no ordinary photograph...

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And thousands of people quickly began pointing out the unnoticed, yet adorable detail in his photo.

People were simply loving it.

Here's the photo in question.

Notice anything unusual?

There's a hamster in Anderson's pocket.

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Here's a closer look, just in case you missed it the first time around.

It is the most adorable thing.

Anderson informed the amused Twitter users that the hamster, named Olivianna, was his sisters, and he does not remember at all why she was sat in his pocket.

But hamsters make for the perfect pocket-dwelling companions, don't they?

We can only assume that Olivianna is no longer with us, but she has certainly left her mark upon the Twitter community. For more viral photos, keep scrolling...