A man with a prosthetic leg has gone viral this week after he filmed a woman questioning him about parking in a handicap spot...

And he decided to teach her a very important lesson.


Because we all know the issue surrounding disabilities and how not all of them are visible, right?

There are so many different types of disabilities that aren't visible to the naked eye...


Including many that don't appear visible initially.

This is why people have disability badges...


And passes allowing them to park in disabled car parking spots.

Of course, there are many individuals out there who abuse these disabled parking spots...

And people who aren't disabled use them regardless for their own convenience... which isn't cool.

Well, one disabled man recently got mistaken for one of these individuals...

Because he actually has a prosthetic leg, making him eligible for a disabled parking pass... something the woman questioning him didn't at first realize.

Australian social media influencer Paniora Nukunuku confronted the woman in the best possible way...

And people have had a lot to say about it.

Last week, Paniora was at his local McDonald's and was parked in the disabled parking bay when an elderly woman knocked on his window.


She clearly didn't realize he was disabled due to having a prosthetic leg and despite him having a valid disability parking pass, the woman started questioning him about why he was parked there and even asked who his parking pass belonged to.


Paniora didn't have time to film the interaction...


But when she walked away, he decided to go and confront the woman who had gone inside the McDonald's restaurant... and this time, he had his camera rolling.

He approached the lady with his prosthetic leg clearly on show...


And he asked her, "Excuse me, did you approach me because I didn't look disabled enough?", to which the woman replied with bewilderment, "No, oh no... will you let me explain?".

"Listen, please listen," the woman is heard saying as Paniora confronts her.


​"I will tell you why. Because I'm asking [about the disabled pass] as I desperately need it and there have been times," she said before the upset man interrupts her.

"I have one leg and you come up to me asking me if this card is mine! If this disability card is mine?!"

"I did and I have a right to," the woman then replies.


"No you don't have the right to, if the card is there you don't need to worry about it. Is it because I don't look disabled? Is it because I don't look old? That you wanna approach me?" he then asked.

"There's a reason why we have the card so THIS doesn't happen - so you don't assume that someone isn't 'disabled enough'. Don't ever do that again."

Paniora's video has since been viewed and liked more than 206,000 times...

And the heated exchange between him and the judgemental woman is a clear reflection on how frustrating it is for so many disabled people who don't necessarily look disabled at a first glance.

People really should mind their own business when it comes to stuff like this!

You can watch Paniora's original video here.