One man has gained a lot of praise online after returning a purse full of money...

The good samaritan has gone viral on social media.

And people are loving his heartwarming story...

The owner of a delivery business has got a lot of new fans thanks to his recent actions.

After finding a purse full of money, he took to Facebook to hunt for the owner, eventually returning the purse to a ninety-three-year-old woman.

He's since received a lot of praise online...


The woman was "over the moon," he said.

Thirty-seven-year-old Paul Young from West Yorkshire, England, was leaving a job on April 16 when he found the purse.

To make matters worse, the purse contained no identification.


Young took to Facebook, hoping to reach the right people.

"Really want to get [the purse] back to its owner but can't find the warden," he posted...

"So hoping the power of Facebook can help."

He would return the purse to anyone who could tell him its contents. 


Young told the Yorkshire Evening Post that he suspected the purse belonged to a local resident.

He "couldn't be sure" of that, he said, as many visitors enter and leave the building, but he was determined because "at the end of the day you don't know if it's the last of somebody's money, or it's all they have left."


The next day, Young received a phone call confirming that a disabled resident had lost her purse the day before.

Young later returned the purse to the elderly lady before taking a picture with the owner.


After a "chin-wag," the pair became the best of friends.

The post soon gained thousands of likes.

Young hopes to inspire others to practice kindness by sharing his story.

He said the smile on his new friend's face was rewarding enough for him.

"I hope one day, if it ever happens to me or my family, the same thing happens," he added.

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