Man Says Girlfriend is a ‘4 Out of 10’ Not Realizing She’s Stood Behind Him

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A man was filmed calling his girlfriend a “4 out of 10” on camera without realizing she was stood behind him the entire time. Ouch.

Now, the whole interaction looks pretty staged, but that doesn’t take away from the second-hand embarrassment we all feel for the poor girl.

The man in question seems to have no idea that his girlfriend is stood behind him, although we very much doubt that.

The clip was uploaded to TikTok by user @rafreacts3, whose real name is Raphael Aghagan. On his page, he often takes to the streets of London, in the U.K, to ask the general public questions, but his latest video took a turn for the worst.

He was filming a conversation with the man outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square when he showed him a picture of an Instagram model and asked him to rate her out of ten…

The man replied saying she was a “solid ten” and that she was “wife material.”

All the while, his girlfriend could be seen standing behind him quietly seething as she heard her boyfriend disrespecting her on camera.

Raphael then asked the man if he is single, to which he responds no. Things then started to heat up when he was asked to rate his own girlfriend out of ten.

He said: “It has to be like 4 out of 10. Yeah, it’s just a quick beat [hook-up] and that’s it.”


No matter if his girlfriend was behind him or not, it’s probably best to not talk about people like that.

A stunned host then said: “This guy is rude. What would you do if I told you your girlfriend is right behind you?”

The man said: “No way,” but then realized that the woman behind him was, in fact, his disgruntled girlfriend. The video ends with the man receiving a firm slap across the face.

Most commenters took the woman’s side, saying he was in the wrong for what he said and fully deserved a slap to the face.

“Perfect example of a jerk that thinks he’s a man! He’s a 2 (maybe) and she’s a ten!” a Tiktoker commented.

While another said: “He is like a 0/10 lucky she even gave him the time of day, no respect… what I wanna know is if the guy asking the q is single.”

“He doesn’t know that although his girlfriend is a ‘4 out of 10’ he’s still punching though right,” a third wrote.

Whether the video is real or not, he definitely shouldn’t be talking about his girlfriend like that.

I think she should throw him out and get a new one!