Man Says He Can’t Stop Kissing Other Men From His Office When Out for Work Drinks

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A man has anonymously spoken out about how he “can’t stop kissing other men from his office” when out for work drinks and it’s got people seriously thinking.

Read on to hear what he had to say…

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And although things are very different this year, the festivities are going ahead anyway.

And believe me when I say this, so many people are taking that phrase very seriously this year.

And we’re all guilty of eating and drinking way too much over the holidays.

Nor would it be Christmas without making a complete and utter fool of yourself at your work Christmas party!

And we’ve all made some foolish, drunken mistakes in front of our bosses and co-workers!

Well, one man has decided to publically speak out about his drunken antics with his male co-workers and it’s gotten a lot of people seriously thinking.

And after he admitted his eye-opening drunken antics, people found they could relate to the confused staff member!

“WHY do I keep kissing other men who work in my office?” he asked. “I have worked for the same firm for 3 years and love it. I get on well with colleagues but I think they are getting fed up with my antics.”

“It happened again last week at our office party and our boss told me to go home and sober up. It only happens when I am out drinking,” he then shared.

Especially when the boss has to step in and tell you to tone it down a little!

“So don’t drink around colleagues!” she replied. “I know you are on nights out when it happens but it will color how you are regarded at work – not because of your sexuality, but because of being regularly out of control through alcohol.”

“Booze lowers inhibitions but maybe you should be thinking about your own sexuality.”

But if your drunken behavior is becoming a problem and is making others feel uncomfortable, being sober around your colleagues is perhaps the only solution! For more on Christmas parties, read on to learn about how your drunken antics could actually get you fired…