Man Shoots And Kills Stepfather For Abusing His Young Sister, Gets 1,800 Years In Jail

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A man who shot and killed his stepfather for molesting his young sister received 1,800 years in jail. Here’s what happened…

But, we will warn you that although there is no graphic information, the details could trigger some people, so please continue reading at your own discretion.

Christopher Bennet, who is now thirty-six-years-old, was convicted for the murder of his stepfather Vincent D. McDorman.

And while breaking the law under any circumstances should not be condoned, people, including Bennet’s sisters, do not believe that he deserves to spend his life behind bars…

With his sisters starting a petition, pleading that he be freed.

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Christopher shot and killed his stepfather on July 25, 2003.

And speaking to Dr. Phil in a phone call interview, he explained how his path lead to him pulling a trigger on McDorman.

It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear, too.

But first, his sisters joined the show, where Phil McGraw, the host of Dr. Phill, offers life advice, and welcomes guests who are in need of help.

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“As a kid, the monster under my bed was my dad,” Cassy Ervin said in an exclusive interview on the show.

She also explained that the experience has affected her in ways she could not imagine: “As a result, I turned into a clean freak,” Cassy explained, “I’m very skittish around new people,” she continued on before admitting that she “holds immense guilt for Chris being in prison. Sometimes I think that if I wasn’t born, Chris wouldn’t have had to do that.”

“I miss him so much, I really want him home,” she said.

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And then, being welcomed onto the show by Dr. Phil, she told him that her brother gave up “everything to save us.”

In fact, before Chris pulled the trigger that shot and killed his stepfather, they had previously tried more than once to contact child protective services. But they’d either show up and do nothing, or contact Vincent McDorman to “touch base” with him about another phonecall they received, so as to tick of regulations on their list.

And the siblings were told by Vincent that if they were ever to tell anyone what happened to them, he would ring child protective services, and put them in foster care…

But, he threatened that if that were to happen, he would separate them so that they wouldn’t see each other, and that wasn’t something the siblings were prepared to deal with.

It wasn’t just Cassy, though, who’s been affected by such a tragic childhood. Her older sister, who was found by her half brother Chris on the night he shot Vincent, uses “work” as a release, and to this day cannot sleep in the same bed as another male partner.

Victoria McDorman, the other sister admitted that she still has night terrors to this day:

“I’d be downstairs playing with my mom, and he would walk down the stairs and tell me I have to come up the stairs with him or I’m not going to be able to see my mom anymore, and then he would drag me up the stairs and right when he was about to abuse me, is normally when I wake up,” she said.

Their mom also said in the interview that she too was physically abused by Vincent.

“I tried to report the abuse to the police and CPS about twenty to thirty times, CPS ignored the reports,” the mom disclosed.

“Everyone would take his word over mine on everything,” she continued.

And then, Dr. Phil had a phonecall with the now thirty-six-year-old Chris Bennet.

Chris admitted that he went there to get some money. As he went to leave after collecting his money, he heard a cry coming from his sister so he turned back around.

“It was my youngest sister, she was 5 or 6 at the time, I just started flipping out, I blanked out and the only thing I remember was raising the gun,” Chris told Phil.

“When I came back around I noticed I’d shot him,” he explained.

He also admitted, very emotionally, that he too was abused by his stepfather.

His sisters have now set up a petition on Change.Org to free their brother…

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And so far, 136,408 people have signed it.

And there is a Facebook group named: “Free Christopher Bennet,” too…

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With over 26,000 members, all want to see Christopher Bennet freed after what many perceive to be an injustice.

If you want to see the full interview, here it is, but please watch it at your own discretion as the information shared is sensitive, and may trigger trauma among individuals.

We are so sorry that this happened to you, we hope that now you can start working towards reuniting with your brother, and finding peace.

Do you think Chris should be freed?

If you have been triggered by any information in this article, please do not hesitate to click here for some emotional support.