Man Spends Over $16k Turning His Face Into a Puzzle, Says He Doesn’t Want to ‘Look Human’

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A man who goes by the name of “Black Depression” on social media has spent over $16,000 turning his face into a puzzle and claims that he doesn’t want to look human.

Now, over the years, we’ve seen some pretty wacky people, and even wackier proceedures.

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Take for instance the girl with the biggest cheeks in the world… Remember her?

Of course, you do.

But, here’s a picture just to jog your memory, anyway…

Not sure why, but if it makes her happy, it works.

Or, how about the Human Ken Doll…

It’s safe to say that he’s endured many cosmetic procedures.

You get the point… there are a lot of weird and wacky people out there.

But now, there’s another, and he started turning heads when he was just twenty years old.

Going by the name @black_depression9 on Instagram, the body modification enthusiast has claimed that he doesn’t want to “look human.”

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And we think he’s definitely starting to achieve that goal… have a look for yourselves.

The modification enthusiast from Germany has spent a jaw-dropping figure of over $16,000 so that he can alter his appearance.

“Body modification has fascinated me for many years. I can do my individual thing, not the same as what others do,” he said, as per the Mirror.

“I can create and change my body as I would like it to be. I don’t follow a trend like many other people.

“Over the years I developed my own trend, which nobody else wears. I go to different body mod artists around the world, and I also perform some procedures on myself,” he continued.

Kind of scary when you think about it.

“My first procedure was to split my tongue. Then half of my auricle (visible portion of external ear) was amputated on both sides,” he added.


It seems as though his girlfriend has even joined him in splitting her own tongue, as well.

But a lot of people, as always, are a little bit confused by his wacky looks, with some people sharing their hilarious thoughts on social media.

“Every time he looks at himself in the mirror he must have that puzzled look about him,” 1 wrote.

Another said: “He’s definitely missing a piece… of his brain.”

And other social media users deliberated over the ability for him to get a job, saying: “And no doubt can’t get a job as a result so expects the society to support him.”

Oh, and by the way, he not only does these procedures on himself…

But on other people, too.

And you might be thinking…

Well, surely he’s done now, right?

Apparently not.

What do you think about his procedures?