Man Takes His Retainer Out After Wearing It for 5 Years Not Knowing He Could Remove It

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After 5 years of being unaware he could remove his retainer, a man has finally taken it out.

It’s safe to say, the video has left everyone shocked…

Now, if you’ve ever had braces, you know how much hard work and pain comes with them.

Every orthodontics appointment brings a day of pain as your teeth adjust.

Not to mention the fact they are often on your teeth for months, if not years.

But, they’re worth it in the end when you achieve that smile you hoped for.

And if you’ve ever had them, you’ll also know how important it is to wear your retainer once they’ve been removed.

After all, you don’t want to undo all that hard work.

You’ll also know the good thing about retainers is that they can be removed.

Or at least, you should know.

But it seems one man didn’t…

Matthew Watts was unaware he could remove his retainer for several years.

So, now after 5 years of wearing it constantly, he’s finally removed it on camera.

But not everyone’s convinced by his story…

As per LadBible, Watts had his retainer when he was eighteen and living in the UK.

He said it was fitted at a “small, cheap orthodontist” that glued the retainer place.
Sounds bad already…

He explained that he “didn’t know any better” because the metal retainer was glued in place on his bottom teeth, so he thought this was normal.

And it took him 5 or 6 years to realise this way not the case.

“I had no idea how dirty it had gotten over the years, it was so gradual I didn’t realise how bad it got!” he said.

“Imagine my surprise when my boyfriend Zane finally yanked it out and revealed my nice clean pearly whites underneath.”

In the video, Watts says: “So, I just found out something kind of crazy and I don’t think I believe it.”

“But Zane here is telling me that, apparently, after the orthodontist puts in your retainer, you can take it out at any time.”

“There’s no way. I have literally had this retainer in for, what? Five or six years? He’s telling me you can take these out.”

Eventually he lets Zane try to take it out…

And after a small tug, the retainer pops off revealing some pearly whites.

And Watts adds: “Am I seriously the only person that didn’t know these actually come out? Look at how white my teeth are… and how has nobody ever told me that before? It’s crazy.”

You can watch the video here.

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