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The trouble with permanent tattoos is just that: they're permanent.

In this fast-paced world that we live in, many find themselves racing towards a tattoo parlor for one reason or another. The same people wake up the next day, the next month, the next year and think: "Ah man, what have I done?" What you have done, good sir, is have an image or phrase inked permanently on your body.

I mean, I'm not saying that everyone regrets their tats. If you're relatively chill about it and don't take yourself too seriously, even if you end up not liking a design anymore, you won't care.

A lot of people defend their bad tattoos by saying, "it represents a time, a place in my life..." blah blah. And maybe it does? I guess.

Some people can console themselves and other people can't. The ones that can't, and really really want their ugly tattoo to go away try to refigure the whole "permanent," thing.

Continue scrolling to read about the horrific lengths that one twenty-one-year-old dude went to in order to remove his tat - we're talking about a cheese grater and a whole lot of pain.

Honestly, I didn't even think that the tattoo was that bad...

No Ragrets?

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There's a risk in putting your faith in a tattoo artist. I mean, what if they spell it wrong? What if they didn't understand what you meant when you said "badass?" Allowing someone else free reign on your skin is a brave thing to do and probably shouldn't be something you get done in a hurry.

I mean, you can always get a coverup...

Like the dude above... it seems like he wasn't made up with his rat dragon chest piece. But, eh, not to worry, now you'd never even know about that, what with his new bird in flight design. Just like his bird, this guy is soaring from the ashes of his first terrible tat.

Winona Forever.

Johnny Depp famously got Winona Forever tattoed on his bicep when he was loved up with his Edward Scissorhands co-star. When they broke up, Depp was so heartbroken that he felt like he just needed to get the tat covered up. Cleverly, he got the tattoo altered to read "Wino Forever," instead. Woo hoo, alcoholism is way better than rejection... right?!

Laser removal is an option...

But as for the results? I don't know, I can't say I'm that convinced.

The tattoo will still be there...

I guess that's why they call it permanent. If you are someone that is as impulsive and indecisive as me, getting a tattoo probably isn't a very good idea.

Now, getting a tattoo when you're inebriated...

There seems to be a growing trend in getting a tattoo when you've had one too many. If you find yourself on vacation in one of those places that have a strip with lots of cheap bars, you'll notice that there will be a lot of tattoo parlors, too. Which is weird because you know what are two things that don't go together? Being drunk and getting a tattoo. You will regret it in the morning.

What do you do if you get a drunk tattoo?

Well, first off, you freak out. You wake up and, suddenly, it all comes flooding back to you. How you ended up in the parlor with those new friends you'd made in the last place... how it was all so funny, how everyone was getting one.

Then comes the acceptance...

It's done, it happened. You know have "Espagbol 2019" on your ankle for the rest of your life. Eh, at least he didn't draw a plate of spaghetti on your shin like you'd asked. Little mercies.

You decide on your plan of action...

There must be something you can do, right? This can't possibly be permanent. You assess your options: Laser removal is expensive, takes ages, and isn't that effective. I mean, you've got a student loan to pay off, you can't afford that. Other options to destroy it?

Phone a friend...

Everyone has a friend that will think outside the box and give you the answers that you want. Sadly for this twenty-one-year-old, his friend didn't have an answer.

He regretted his tattoo.

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After having the forearm tattoo for about a week, this guy was feeling waves of regret. Speaking about his ordeal, the boy explained: "I had the tattoo done and a week later I wanted to join the airport police."

Tattoos are not popular in some work divisions.

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There is much less tattoo discrimination now than there once was. There was a time in which having a tattoo signified that you were a criminal. Nowadays, a lot of people have tattoos, so there is much less prejudice. Although there is nothing on the Argentinian Police Force's website that says that tattoos are not acceptable, the young man still didn't think that it would make a good first impression. So he decided to get rid of his tattoo... by any means possible.

Now, you wouldn't grate a cheeseburger...

That would be crazy, right? So if we're agreed, how on earth could someone grate their own arm? I must warn you, these next pictures are pretty graphic.

After failing with a pumice stone, he turned to the strong stuff.

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Taking a cheese grater from his kitchen cupboard, the man proceeded to grate his tattoo off, documenting the progress through pictures that he sent to his friend, Matias Costa.

"'It hurt and bled a lot."

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I bet it hurt a lot. Not only did it hurt a lot and bleed like you wouldn't believe, but after about a week, the young man was in the hospital.

He had to get a tetanus shot.

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Nasty, right? After what must have been a horrific ordeal, the young man is a-okay and the wound has healed. I don't know if I'd be able to go through such lengths to remove a dodgy tattoo. Speaking of dodgy tattoos... continue scrolling to read all about how Ed Sheeran's tattoo artist said that he thinks that all of Ed's tattoos are awful and have been bad for his business! This really is quite the story.