Man Wears Coat Gifted by His Grandmother for Six Months Before Noticing Hidden Message in Pocket | 22 Words

The coat's hidden message is utterly hilarious...

Who doesn't love receiving a gift?

And the element of surprise is simply unbeatable!

But sometimes, gifts aren't at all what you expected them to be...

And one man recently learned this after his beloved grandmother gifted him the most bizarre coat! Keep on reading to see what made it so hilariously strange...

Now, grandparents are one of life's many treasures...

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And you've just got to love them!

Grandparents will do anything for their grandkids...

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Whether that's baking them sweet treats, taking them for fun days out, or just being there for the best hugs.

We all have fond memories with our grandparents...

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And there's no denying how much they've spoilt us over the years!

And as for the gifts?

Well, it's easy to say that grandparents are the ones who usually give the best gifts.

But as one man recently discovered...

Grandparents can sometimes give some of the most bizarre and unexpected gifts.

Will Harte, who is a comedian from Reading in the U.K. took to social media recently to share a hilarious story about his own grandmother.

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Earlier this year, his grandma gifted him with a black coat. Will liked the look of the coat so, as any normal person would do, he decided to start wearing it.

After around 6 months of wearing the gifted coat, Will noticed something strange about the pocket.

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The pocket seemed to be tucked in and when Will pulled out the flap, he was both shocked and highly amused to see what was there - which, by the way, explained the coat's true origins.

After Will tweeted pictures of the coat, it was liked more than 30,000 times...

And amongst the thousands of amused comments, many were asking the same thing... where on earth did his grandma find a coat like that?!

Well, when Will asked his grandma about where she found the coat...

She simply said that she "couldn't remember."

Ready for the big reveal?

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Here's the coat as it looked for the first 6 months of Will wearing it. Pretty normal, right?

Well, it turns out that the coat actually belonged to an Immigration Enforcement officer.

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Of course, Immigration Enforcement officer uniforms aren't usually sold in standard retail shops... so goodness knows where Will's grandma picked it up from!

Nevertheless, it seems to be doing a good job of keeping Will warm during the cold months...

And we're sure his grandma's heart was in the right place. For more funny stories, keep on scrolling to see the best reaction from a set of twins listening to Dolly Parton for the first time...