Man Went for Walk With His Cat and Came Home With a Kitten They Rescued

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Rescuing animals is one of the best ways to find a faithful pet.

But one man from Denmark rescued in the most unexpected way after he picked up an abandoned kitten whilst walking his other cat. This story is truly heartwarming…


Now, who doesn’t love cats?

Statistics here in the United States show that there are 88.3 million pet cats compared to 74.8 million pet dogs. Who says that dogs are better than cats?!

They are the ideal companion.

Not only are they clean and independent animals, but cats are also very affectionate and loving creatures who make great family pets.

Cats often come better in pairs or a pack.

Instagram user Missenell is the proud owner of his 2 beautiful cats, Nelly – a Birman/Ragdoll – and Gilbert – a Bengal.

Which is what many cats enjoy to do who don’t feel entirely safe venturing outside alone.

An abandoned little kitten.

“When we tried to look under the bush, she ran and found another place to hide,” Missenell told Love Meow.

The little kitten eventually came around and she was taken home with Missenell.

“She was extremely shy. If I was too close she would run away or hiss at me,” her new owner explained.

But Nelly and Gilbert had other ideas.

They gave her a quiet room and slowly introduced her to Nelly. The kitten became very curious with all the new scents, began to explore and even purr. If she made a sound, Gilbert would come running to her aid like a perfect big brother.

The trio was completely inseparable and Missenell knew that he couldn’t split them up… so he decided to keep the kitten, who was later named Nala.

“Gilbert likes to protect Nala and teach her how to be a cat,” Missenell said.

She is now much more comfortable around humans and her personality is truly shining through.

She is a completely different cat.

“She is one of the most loving creatures in this world. She is so affectionate, playful and cute. She loves to be cuddled, meows a lot” her owner explained.

And keep scrolling for the documentation of a cat’s carefree life…