Man Who Created Kiwi Pizza Says Wife Divorced Him After it Went Viral | 22 Words

The question to end all questions; does fruit belong on pizza?

The man from Sweden that started the debate after sharing his kiwi pizza online has spoken up about the "unholy abomination," and the detrimental effect it had on his personal life...


There are a lot of weird and wonderful pizza toppings out there in the world right now.

Although not all of them are fit for human consumption...

Take the kiwi pizza for example...

Quite possibly the worst pizza topping known to man. And yes, this does trump pineapple.

Who even came up with this combination?

I'll tell you who. A restaurant in Denmark.

The picture was uploaded by Reddit user @re1313.

It looks to have the typical base, tomato and cheese, it also looks to have a bit of ham on there but then the strangest part has to be the fruit on top: slices of kiwi.

The internet was not happy...

This user referred to it as an "abomination."

It all started when Stellan Johansson from Sweden, was given 10kg worth of kiwi fruit by his brother.

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So obviously he had to find something to do with them, as eating all of them fresh was a big, gut-churning no-no.

Stellan thought it would be "funny" to come up with a recipe incorporating the fruit.

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His friend Bjørn from Norway was a fan of unusual cuisine and talked to Stellan about the banana-based foods he always wanted to try. You know where this is going...

Stellan thought it'd be a great idea to put his ideas to the test using his kiwis.

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Although he never thought it would blow up this much...

Stellan said...

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"The difference between me and Bjørn is that I cook and eat the dishes. Bjørn just talks about doing it. One of the dishes was the kiwi pizza."

There have been many reports on the chaos that Stellan started when he shared his pizza online...

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With foodies and pizza connoisseurs alike expressing their disgust at his creation.

A photograph of the pizza went viral sparking a debate over fruit on pizza.

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All the attention took Stellan by surprise.

He intended the pizza to be a joke, but it quickly blew up.

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Soon he had reporters and food critics discussing his pizza.

All the publicity took its toll on Stellan and his marriage.

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"I made my kiwi pizza in early January and the world has really changed since then. The world was shut down and I divorced." "The kiwi pizza did not cause the corona – even though I have been accused of it – but I think the kiwi pizza contributed to my divorce."

His wife thought the pizza was "stupid."

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Despite things between Stellan and his wife being rocky before the pizza, after the publicity, it all came crashing down.

And to top it all off, he had to endure cruel comments from people so emotionally damaged by his pizza they felt the need to send him death threats.

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He believes the fifty-plus death threats have come from "Italians living inside or outside of Italy."

He said the comments are "mostly about me destroying Italian culture and that I should die."

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Thankfully, Stellan hasn’t taken these absurd comments to heart.

He has even chosen not to report the comments to Facebook...

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He said: "I have not taken the threats so seriously but see them more as jokes."

Stellan is organizing a trip to Italy with a friend, searching for those that sent him messages.

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He said: "If we find them, we will offer kiwi pizza to them in Italy. It would be very fun to ask these people why they contacted me about the pizza. Do you think it’s a good idea to go to Italy to eat kiwi pizza with the haters?"

His "goal for 2021" is to find one particular hater and invite them for "kiwi pizza and beer at a pizzeria in Italy."

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The hater Stellan is talking about sent this charming message... "F*ck you stupid b*tch Sveden u don’t put kiwi on pizza u put kiwi on your sister’s nipples. U can mix fruit with pizza its like fruit with 1 dish stupid monkey."

Bit of an overreaction to say the least.

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They hope to get in contact with these haters before traveling out there.

He does have one fan at least... "It’s only my four-year-old son who thinks it’s the best pizza."

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He added: "Maybe they will tell it’s taste good but still it’ll not be a pizza for them. Some of my friends in Sweden have eaten the kiwi pizza. They say it tastes good but it’s not the best pizza."

It may take some convincing to get these pizza lovers to find a common base.

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However, thanks to Stellan reaching out to them hopefully it'll make them realize comments like these are unacceptable.

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