Man Who 'Helped Tupac Fake His Death' Faked His Own to Prove Rapper Never Died | 22 Words

Is Tupac Shakur dead or alive?

Well, one man claims to have the answer. 'Pac's former bodyguard has "come back from the dead" and, in a candid YouTube video, has revealed how he faked his own death to "prove that Tupac never died."

Keep scrolling to watch the video, and to hear his bizarre explanation on the rapper's disappearance...

Tupac Shakur was murdered... Or so some people believe.

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The musician was embroiled in a feud between East Coast and West Coast rappers and was murdered in September of 1996, leaving behind an influential musical legacy at the young age of twenty-five.

Tupac was fatally shot in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas on September 13, 1996.

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Many people believed that rival rapper, Biggie Smalls, was behind the murder of Tupac. The rapper had believed he'd organized a prior shooting, in which he had luckily escaped unharmed, a couple of months earlier. Biggie Smalls was murdered in a similar shooting just months later.

To this day, the rapper's murder remains unsolved.

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And many people - die-hard Tupac fans in particular - have resorted to some quite interesting conspiracy theories.

The debate has been ongoing for years.

Did he really die in the Vegas shooting? Is he living out the rest of his days in Cuba? Did he come back from the dead like a modern-day Jesus?

No one really knows.

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Because his murder has never been solved, conspiracy theories have raged ever since Tupac was shot, with many fans speculating that the rapper faked his own death to get out of the gang wars.

Many people believe that Pac is alive and well...

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And is simply living in a different country under a completely new identity.

There have been many rumors...

Many different theories as to where Tupac could be hiding out have been brought forward. Some believe he could be living out his days in Cuba. A 2010 interview with Treach, a fellow rapper and friend of Tupac, found him answering a supposedly off-the-record question of β€œIs Tupac really dead?" with a seemingly assured statement: β€œLast time I saw him he was in Cuba, man."

The fan theories are wild...

People just really want the rapper to be alive, don't they?

Many believe that Tupac had the best resurrection of all time...

Of all time.

And, on top of all these theories...

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There have been many supposed "Tupac sightings." Yes, people claim to have actually seen the rapper out and about. It seems unlikely to me...

Some people are convinced that they've seen the rapper in the flesh.

But just how legitimate these "sightings" are is another question entirely...

Tupac has been "seen" all over the world.

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From Cuba, Somalia, South Africa, and even several locations across the U.S. countless people have claimed to have seen Tupac alive and well throughout the past decade.

But now, someone close to the rapper has come forward...

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And claims to have proof that he did, in fact, fake his own death.

A man claiming to be Tupac's former bodyguard has come forward on YouTube.

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Michael Nice was reportedly "found dead" last year, just before he was due to release evidence that Tupac was still alive.

But he is apparently back from the dead...

Yep, Michael is very much alive and kicking, and he did it all to prove a point.

Michael claims that he faked his own death...

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Just to prove that Tupac faked his. He said in his video, "My name is Michael Nice, I faked my death on 18 December 2018 and I'm here today, back from the dead to show why and how I had to fake my death."

He goes on to explain just how he faked his own death...

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And claims to have gathered enough evidence to dish the dirt on the "right people." "I done a Makaveli, exactly like 'Pac, faked my death and escaped and that situation has alleviated a bit where I'm now in a safe position, I've got enough dirt on people - the right people - so that I can operate and bring this evidence forward."

He's here to "tell-all."

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And he revealed that he is currently "in hiding" as people are "after him" and "threatening to kill his family."

He remains in hiding.

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"Since my death I've taken steps to put things right. I'm still on the run from the British and American authorities but I'm now in a safe place where I can run my operations, I don't use electronic communications at all. I don't use a mobile phone."

But how exactly did he fake his own death?

And how does it prove anything about Tupac's death?

Michael goes on to explain exactly how he faked his death...

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"I'm here to set it straight, tell you everything that happened, how I faked my death, how in a way it almost confirms obviously with my experience - helping 'Pac escape - I've done it again with myself, proof that I've got those capabilities."

He isn't proud of it.

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But he knew it was "required of him."

He outlined his master plan.

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Michael explained how his wife had found him in his car slumped over and called an ambulance. But, little did she know, he had already arranged for an ambulance to come and collect him via a friend, all while using a trick he learned as a boy to majorly slow down his pulse.

His body was then swapped with an actual dead body...

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Which then went to the morgue, of which he says he "can't believe how smoothly it all went." This, he claimed, enabled him to lay low for a year.

But now, he's back.

And he's ready to dish all the dirt on Tupac and the massive conspiracy to fake his death. You can watch his full explanation here...