Man Who Refused To Shake Woman's Hand Is Denied German Citizenship | 22 Words

A man has been denied his German citizenship after he refused to shake a woman's hand at the citizenship ceremony and, since the news of the unusual scenario broke, opinions have been seriously divided.

Here's what we know so far...

After living and working in the country for thirteen years, a doctor's dream of becoming an official German citizen has gone up in smoke...

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And it was all over a handshake.

The gesture of a handshake has been an obligatory form of greeting in Western culture for centuries now...

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And it is used in formal settings as a sign of chivalry and respect in countless countries all over the world.

So, of course...

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You'd be forgiven for wondering why such a common-place gesture caused such drastic repercussions for a dedicated medical professional.

Well, it turns out that things weren't so straight forward in this instance.

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The doctor, who had moved to Germany from Lebanon in 2002, had refused a handshake with a female official, thus spurring the country to revoke his new citizenship.

Many people have been left outraged by the country's decision...

With some even going as far as to label is as fascism.

However, on the other hand...

Many have applauded Germany for their actions, pointing out that, in order to become a citizen, you must embrace the cultures and customs of the country.

Now, there is a reason behind his refusal.

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The man, who is a Muslim, had married a Syrian national around ten years ago and, in doing so, vowed to never again touch the hand of another woman. In 2018, he also decided to stop partaking in handshakes altogether.

And he kept this pact during his acceptance ceremony.

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Though he passed his citizenship test with flying colors, signed the necessary paperwork vowing to uphold the constitution and reject extremism, things went ship-shaped at the ceremony, which was held back in 2015.

A female official went to shake his hand upon the completion of his citizenship...

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For him only to refuse out of respect for his wife.

Now, while some might simply see this as a sign of love for his partner...

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The German officials in attendance didn't quite see it that way.

The court in Mannheim said the handshake incident was incompatible with the constitution's guarantee of equality between men and women.

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And now, after 5 years of deliberation, they have decided to revoke his citizenship entirely.

On the matter, the court said:

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"If the applicant refuses to shake hands for gender-specific reasons which are incompatible with the constitution, there is no integration into German living conditions... The man's refusal to shake hands with the official also came from a belief that women posed a 'threat of sexual temptation.'"

They continued:

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"This applies in particular if the refusal to shake hands with the opposite sex - as in this case - serves to further a Salafist conviction about the relationship between men and women."

The man is now allowed to appeal the decision.

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