Man Who Slapped Reporters Butt on Live TV Has Been Arrested | 22 Words

A WSAV TV reporter was publicly assaulted and degraded on live television when she was covering the Savannah Bridge Run in Georgia last weekend.

A participant of the run was seen jogging by and slapping the journalist on the backside as she was commentating on the event, leaving her visibly upset and humiliated.

After initially remaining quiet on the matter, she finally spoken out, and her response is perfect. Now the culprit has finally been arrested.

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Sexual assault is still commonplace in our country...

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And it's not okay.

We live a society where women are supposedly "liberated"...

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Yet, every day, there are new instances arising that demonstrate just how vulnerable women still are.

Every day, women are assaulted here in the States...

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And one of the most recent examples of this disgusting treatment of women was actually captured on live television. 

WSAV reporter, Alexandra Bozarjian, was simply doing her job.

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The Georgia-born journalist was covering the annual Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run in Savannah, Georgia.

Things were going well...

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And the coverage of the run was well and truly underway.

Caitlyn was positioned along the bridge where the run was taking place...

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Where she commentated on the progress of the event with her back to the on-coming runners.

Participants could be seen jogging past the camera...

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And, while they came within close proximity to Caitlyn, they innocently waved and cheered as they jogged by.

But, there was one man set out to ruin the fun...

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Seen approaching in the clip above, one jogger, who was donning a navy sweater with a red logo, felt that it was acceptable to violate Caitlyn while she was doing her job.

Because as he jogged past...

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The man swiftly slapped Caitlyn on her backside, before smirking and casually running on.

Caitlyn's reaction is simply heartbreaking.

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The sheer shock is evident on her face, as she trails off mid-sentence, clearly in disbelief at what had just happened.

Caitlyn attempts to compose herself...

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“Woah! Not expecting that," she said with a nervous laugh, before continuing with her segment. But the reporter is visibly shaken up by what the man had just done to her, and stutters and stammers through the rest of her sentence.

Here is the incident in full...

It's simply sickening that some men still behave this way, isn't it?

After the news report was reshared to Twitter, the clip quickly went viral...

And people instantly jumped to Caitlyn's defense, slamming the un-identified runner for his violating and degrading actions.

People were completely sickened by what they had witnessed...

And by the man's blatant efforts to deliberately target Caitlyn as he ran past.

And others had a more simple message...

Don't touch reporters without their consent. Or anyone, for that matter. It's really quite simple, guys.

But now, after initially remaining silent on the matter, Caitlyn has addressed the incident.

Taking to Twitter, the news reporter wrote: "To the man who smacked my butt on live TV this morning: You violated, objectified, and embarrassed me. No woman should EVER have to put up with this at work or anywhere!! Do better."

Her tweet quickly went viral...

And has since racked up more than 634,000 likes and 171,000 retweets, with thousands of people applauding Caitlyn for her civil and dignified response, while condemning the actions of the runner.

Many people attempted to identify the man in question...

The internet is just the best during times like these, isn't it?

Many were eager to name and shame the runner...

And Twitter users came together to help identify the man in question.

Miraculously, the Savannah Sports Council claim to have identified the perpetrator...

They wrote on their Twitter account: "Yesterday at the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run a reporter from WSAV was inappropriately touched by a registered participant of the event. Our title sponsor, Enmarket and the Savannah Sports Council take this matter extremely seriously and fully condemn this individual’s actions." They then announced that they had formally identified the man, and had shared his details with the news station. Karma's a b*tch, isn't it?

And now the man has been arrested.

The Savannah Police Department arrested a 43-year-old man, named as Thomas Calloway, who claimed he got caught up in the moment when he slapped the reporters butt.

Now he's caught up in court.

Calloway handed himself into police and has since been released on a $1,300 bond, and a court date is pending.

He has charges of sexual battery.

Georgia law states that sexual battery, a misdemeanor, occurs when someone 'intentionally makes physical contact with the intimate parts of the body of another person without the consent of that person'. It is punishable by up to 12 months in prison.

The reporter is glad the incident is being taken seriously.

Bozarjian's lawyer, Gloria Allred, told Buzzfeed:
Alex Bozarjian is glad that law enforcement is taking this matter seriously. She feels that a reporter should be able to do her job without being assaulted. If this case goes to trial, she will be a witness. For that reason, she will have no further comment until the case concludes, but she does hope that there will be a just result.

Calloway hasn't responded.

It would appear Calloway is trying to keep his head out of the limelight after being publicly shamed across all social media. Let's hope justice is served.