Man Who Spent $20k on Fillers Says He Wants a ‘Plastic Girlfriend’ but Women Are ‘Put off’ by His Look

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A man who has spent $20k on fillers is on the lookout for a “plastic girlfriend.”

Just wait until you see his shocking before and after transforamton…

Meet Honza Šimša, a high-flying tech expert who, as you can see, has a lot of filler.

But, he didn’t always look like this…

For years Šimša had been drawn to the “Barbie-doll look.”

He often imagined how he could achieve it.

As per The Sun, he said, “At the time, I looked and dressed like a guy, but I would always imagine what I could do to get a more feminine face.”

“Eventually, I made the decision that I wanted to be like a plastic doll. I like girls who look that way and I wanted to look that way myself.”

So, back in 2017 he took the plunge and had his first dose of filler injected into his face.

And that’s where it all began…

Šimša was so impressed by the result of the filler, he began having more and more with the help from a friend who was qualified to administer injections.

Fortunately, his friend administered the filler for free, but if they’d charged, Šimša estimates he would have spent more than twenty thousand dollars by now.

“I’ve had 20 lots of filler in my lips alone. Right now, I have about 90ml worth in my face,” he said.

“I have it in my cheeks, chin and lips. I want to keep going and make my face more plastic and doll-like.”

Šimša’s cosmetic procedures don’t end there either…

He’s also had Botox and back in March, he even travelled to Slovakia for a three thousand euro ($3563) lip lift operation.

Explaining his decision, he said: “I had wanted the procedure for a while, as it makes lips look much bigger than if you were just to have filler.”

“It took me some time to find the right surgeon. I spoke with several and many thought that what I wanted wasn’t possible.
“Then, I found a doctor in Slovakia who was able to help. During the procedure, he cut the skin around my top lip and pulled it about 9mm higher up my face. The recovery was tough, but I was really pleased with the results.”

But, as happy as Šimša’s transformation has made him, it hasn’t come without negative comments.

“Some people still have very old-fashioned attitudes and because I looked like a guy, but have big lips and wear make up, I would get a lot of attention which was not always positive,” he said.

“Now that I have had more surgery and look more like a girl, people tend not to react as much.”

“I know my look is extreme and, because I have had problems with jobs in the past because of it, now when I go to work, I look masculine, wear manly clothes and no make up.”

Šimša is currently happily single, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t one day hope to find the right person.

And he knows what he’s looking for…

Šimša is hoping to find an “open-minded woman” who does not mind his Barbie look.

And the internet has a lot to say about that…

Šimša explained that he hopes to find a girl with a similar look.

“I like the girls I date to have the same look – the plastic Barbie-doll look.”

But, he’s not in any rush…

“I’m attracted to women, but some girls do have a problem with my look, as it can be confusing for them.”

“I am single right now.”

“And perfectly fine with that.”

Check out his transformation below.

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