Man With Down’s Syndrome Who Got Job at UPS Lands Permanent Position and Inspires Scholarship

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An incredible young man with Down’s syndrome has just proven all of the haters and bullies wrong by landing himself a job at UPS as he continues to break more and more barriers last year. Now, he continues to pave the way by making his job permanent.

Simply amazing! Here’s the full story…

And it is impossible to prevent a baby from being born with the disorder.

Down’s syndrome occurs when an extra copy of a chromosome is present at the time of conception… Specifically, a full or partial copy of chromosome 21.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year in the United States, around 6,000 babies are born with Down’s syndrome – equating to around 1 in every 700 babies born.

Heart, intestinal, ear, nose, throat, or thyroid issues can come hand in hand with someone who lives with the condition.

The condition affects people differently and at varying scales. Of course, some people will need more regular care than others, but many with the conditions can go on to run their own houses and have jobs.

There are so many misconceptions about the condition…

One of the main ones being that someone living with Down’s Syndrome is incapable of living an independent life with their own family – something which is completely false. 

Which is a terribly sad reality for these poor people.

And one of those amazing people is twenty-two-year-old Jake Pratt.

Jake is twenty-two-years-old…

And the young man, who is from Alabama, has just achieved an amazing life milestone!

Speaking to PEOPLE, his sister, Amy Hyde, recalled a doctor explaining that young Jake would “never be a functional member of society.”

“[The doctor] said that his impairment would keep him from living any sort of normal life and he might even need to be institutionalized,” she explained.

“My family has always embraced the philosophy that Jake is no different from you or I and that there are no limits on what he can accomplish,” Amy shared of her “loving, confident, funny and hardworking” brother.

“He wanted to be on the high school football team when some people thought that was impossible, but he did it,” Amy said. “He wanted to score a touchdown in a game, and he did. He wanted to go to college, and he did. He wanted to get his driver’s permit, and he scored a perfect 100 on the exam.”

“He never meets a stranger and loves everyone so purely. He makes all of our lives better and has taught me more than anyone else I know.”

And he is happier than ever!

In 2020, Jake paved the way for people with Down Syndrome everywhere…

Jake has just surpassed another milestone, and people are so happy for the successful young man!

Jake was hired by the united parcel service, UPS!

Amy first tweeted about Jake’s new job, explaining that he works every morning at a golf course from 6-10 am, before running packages at UPS for up to 8 hours per day.
“Thank you @UPS for giving my brother a chance & promoting inclusion in the workforce. Jake has Down Syndrome but that doesn’t stop him! He loves his new job running packages up to 8 hours per day. That’s after working 6-10 am every morning at the golf course. I’m so proud of him!”

“This opportunity to work for UPS means everything to Jake because it is his dream to be able to live independently. He has achieved so much, but none of it would be possible without people embracing him and giving him a chance.”

“Jake is so worthy and capable, so it’s just awesome for others to be able to see that. He has done a lot to break barriers and raise awareness that people with Down syndrome can accomplish anything they set their mind to.”

A UPS spokesperson confirmed that Pratt, 22, has now been asked to join the team permanently as a part-time employee.

The spokesperson also affirmed that in addition to his new role, Pratt inspired UPS enough to make a $25,000 donation to the nonprofit organisation Down syndrome of Alabama. The donation will go towards establishing the Jake Pratt Fund for scholarships for those individuals with Down Syndrome who want to pursue further education.

Amy Hyde, Pratt’s sister said: “Post-secondary education was once not even a consideration for those with intellectual disabilities. But now, specialized college and vocational programs are sprouting up all over the country.”

“The expense of these programs can be a huge burden to families who often didn’t imagine educational opportunities beyond high school,” she continues. “Knowing that part of Jake’s legacy will include helping those individuals and families bring us more joy than I can explain.”

Pratt’s greatness has certainly been evident to UPS’s team. In the months since that day, Pratt has continued to impress his colleagues with his work ethic and “enigmatic personality,” the UPS spokesperson says.

In a video released by UPS, driver Richard Wilson, who Pratt worked alongside, said Pratt “changed his life”.

So what milestone does Jake want to hit next?

“His next goals are to get his driver’s license (right now he has his permit), get his own house and eventually get married to his girlfriend Grace,” Hyde says. “Grace is currently a student with the Auburn University EAGLES program. He is saving money for her ring and their future.”

You can watch the video here…

Congratulations Jake!
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