Man with Nine Toes on One Foot Undergoes Surgery to Have Them Removed

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We all have our insecurities. Whether it’s our nose, stomach or the way we walk – practically everyone has something about themselves they wish they could change.

But for one man, his insecurity is so bad that he has lived with feelings of shame for years and has never been able to ask a girl out for fear of rejection. The man, known only as “Ajun,” was born with nine toes on his left foot and has recently undergone a rare surgery to remove the extra toes. But, his parents, who believe his toes are a “gift from God,” likely aren’t happy with Ajun’s choice to get them removed.

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Whether we admit it to each other or not, everyone has something they don’t like about themselves.

Whether it’s our nose, lips or stomach – most people can find something to pick apart about themselves.

Social media probably hasn’t helped.

Constantly scrolling through a feed of seemingly “perfect” looking people with “perfect” lives is bound to make so many of us have low self-esteem.

The man, identified only as “Ajun,” from Lufeng City in South China’s Guangdong Province, was born with a birth defect called Polydactyly, which caused him to have 9 toes on his left foot.

Instead, he had 2 smaller toes resembling a v-shape.

But it is said to be more common among males.

His condition was detected at birth, but his parents were reluctant to do the surgery to fix it.

But after going to a fortune teller, Ajun’s parents decided against their son going under the knife as they were told his 4 extra toes were a “gift from the heavens.”  

Though Ajun, now twenty-one-years-old, hugely disagrees. Ajun explained his parents were “superstitious, so they didn’t deal with it. They thought if it really looked too bad, I could just cover it with my shoes.”

He admitted that he’s been so ashamed of his foot that he has never asked a girl out for fear of rejection. “I’ve never had a girlfriend because I’m so imperfect,” he told Asian Wire. “I never thought I’d find anyone who wants to be with me.”

But, he admitted that when he was 10, he stopped wearing sandals all together because of his foot.

Unconvinced that the toes really were a “gift from God,” Ajun sought medical advice about his rare condition.

Surgery should be done as soon as possible, and in most cases occurs when the patient is aged between 1 and 6 in order to achieve the best results. His doctor, Wu Xiang, said: “It’s very rare to see such a serious deformity having not been treated in a 21-year-old patient.”
“For children born with deformities, it’s best for them to be examined three months after birth.”

“Surgery can happen as early as one year old, but no later than six years old. Basically any time before they start school is fine,” Doctor Wu explained.
“This is better for the child’s psychological well-being, but earlier operations also lead to better recovery results.”

“Other hospitals would’ve just removed his outermost extra toes. That would’ve been the easiest solution, but it wouldn’t look the best,” Doctor Wu said.  

Ajun says he is extremely pleased with the results of the surgery. “Now I feel great. I’m very grateful to Doctor Wu Xiang. I think my foot is perfect. He showed me pictures of my foot after surgery, and I’m very happy,” he explained.

Doctor Wu added: “His most natural-looking toe is on the outside, so we decided to migrate it inwards to its most ideal position, replacing his fifth digit and creating a new big toe.”

The rare procedure has allowed him to be rid of the insecurity that has burdened his life for all these years.

Given they believe the extra toes are good luck and all.

He’s expected to be discharged in the coming weeks. Speaking of toes, extra-long toenails are supposedly the latest bizarre trend. Keep scrolling to learn more…