It seems doorbell cameras capture everything we never want to see. But this latest sighting might just be the creepiest yet...

When it comes to life within this universe, many of us are hopeful about there being more than meets the eye.

The idea that we aren't totally alone out here is strangely comforting - albeit a little scary, too.

But, for many of us, the likely truth is difficult to accept.

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Thinking logically, the idea of little green men invading our planet just seems too close to something out of a science fiction movie to be logically believable.

But when you think about the enormity of the universe, perhaps there's some potential.

If the concept of infinity stands up, then, by the same note, there will probably be other life forms out there - just too far away for us to ever reach them.

But we still live to scare ourselves.

Be it aliens, ghosts, or real-life creatures - we love to be spooked!

And there's been a recent resurgence in otherworldly sightings.

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Thanks to our newfound love of doorbell cameras.

But the most recent sighting deviates somewhat from this norm.

Because there's been a new doorbell cam spot in Australia that has out skin crawling for different reasons.

As you've probably noticed ...

The streets outside are deserted - and that's a good thing!

But that means, if something is out there ...

It's probably not human - right?

And when one man checked his door cam footage ...

He was greeted with an absolutely terrifying sight.

Normally, a doorbell cam captures pretty innocuous things.

But this event might just be the exception to that rule.

Because this makes for some skin-crawling viewing.

It's enough to give you a heart attack!

Because this man noticed an unusual visitor knocking on his door.

Not one of the alien variety - but certainly not one you'd want to let in, either!

This was a very creepy visitor.

We can't say we'd be letting him walk into our home!

The footage starts out pretty innocently.

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We're not sure if we've been spooked too many times, but we now find any door cam footage kind of frightening!

But what comes across the screen next?

And absolutely huge (and absolutely terrifying) spider!

See for yourself!

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The footage is totally horrendous.

The internet has had one overriding reaction.

We're just glad it wasn't our door cam that caught this creepy footage!

Some made this joke.

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*Internally groans.*

Maybe there was an ulterior motive?

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We shouldn't judge a book by its cover!

He could be stopping by for all manner of reasons!

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Although we still wouldn't want this visitor - sorry!

Here's the horrifying footage.

We've officially got the creeps! Want more nasty spider action? Scroll on ...