Man's Dream of a Bright Pink Home Is Upsetting His Neighbors | 22 Words

Now that the world is trying to return to normal (kind of!), maybe you're in the mood to get some of those travel destinations ticked off your bucket list. And what better way to kick-start it than visiting some of the mind-blowing homes to have ever been built?

But one man has recently built his dream home and the bright, pink color of the property is apparently upsetting his neighbors.

Have a look for yourselves...

Romantic Bus in the forest, United States.

Unique artist mirrored house, United States.

Off-grid House, United States.

Moderne Apartment, Iceland.

3 Bedroom Riad, Morocco.

Apartment with In-Out Jacuzzi, Greece.

Secluded In Town Treehouse, United States.

East Pod at Bonita Domes, United States.

Aroma(n)tica Treehouse in Monferrato, Italy.

Bird Island: a unique private Island, Belize.

Trullo of 1800 in the Itria Valley, Italy.

Kealakekua Bay Cottage, Hawaii.

The Mushroom Dome Retreat, United States.

Bubble Under The Stars, France.

A Beautiful Cottage, Iceland.

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B, Idaho.

Seashell House, Mexico.

Casita Maya Loft, Mexico.

Bright Pink House, Texas.

While all these houses do raise a few eyebrows, it seems as though this pink house is causing a bit of a stir in Pflugerville, Texas. Some people are not happy with the color of the property in the neighborhood and have even filed lawsuits against the family.

Emilio Rodriguez doesn't mind though.

“I love this house. I don’t know why people don’t like it," He explains. “No HOA. I pre-planned this specifically because of that reason, so when people get mad I explain there is no HOA here," Rodriguez claims. “That’s what people keep saying they’re like why are people so freaked out? Have they never been to Austin?" He seems to love it, so why shouldn't we?