Man’s Reaction to His Wife’s Haircut Proves There’s More to Beauty Than Following the Rules

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We all love a good transformation story.

Whenever someone meets their weight loss goal, or gets a fashion makeover, or tries out a new haircut, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the whole story (hence why I’ve spent so many hours of my life watching What Not to Wear).

But the best part of a transformation isn’t simply the new physical appearance; it’s seeing how happy they are, and how happy their loved ones are for them. That kind of support is incredibly touching and valuable, and it can make all the difference in someone’s life.

Earlier this week, Twitter user Praize Kirkwood posted a video of her dad reacting to her mom’s new haircut, and there is so much to love about it.

She always knows exactly what to wear for every occasion. (Meanwhile, I start every day by asking myself, “What is the coziest piece of clothing I own that is also clean right now?” and just wear that.)

She also has completely mastered the art of contouring, even though many of us consider contouring to be a myth akin to dry land in the movie Waterworld.

(P.S. I dare you to watch this GIF just once. It is literally impossible.) Since time immemorial, long hair has been the style to rock if you’re also trying to show off your femininity.

Long hair requires way more shampoo, way more time to dry, and way more effort in general. But that’s what the expectation is, so many women, in an effort to prove their femininity, put up with it. (Obviously, there are so many women out there who totally rock the pixie cut; it’s just not typically considered a “feminine” style.)

Praize said that her mom has been rocking her long hair for 20 years, but had started to feel it was time for a change. So, she did something drastic and shaved it all off. She was nervous about her husband’s reaction, but she needn’t have been. Praize caught the whole thing on video:

When Praize’s dad finally sees his wife’s new look, his reaction is delightful and emphatic. “Oh, wow!” he says in awe of his beautiful wife. “Oh, you are so hot! Ooh! That is so fine! You look like a Hollywood star!”

This video made me want to spend 20 years growing out my hair and then shave it all off, just in the hopes that my husband would have the same reaction. (On second thought, maybe I’ll just watch the video again and live vicariously through Praize’s parents. I can’t afford all that shampoo.)

He doesn’t care that “most” men prefer long hair. He clearly prefers for his wife to feel happy with the way she looks, whatever that may entail. (Plus, I mean, she’s obviously clearly 100 percent stunning.)

Seriously. Double denim can only be pulled off by a few men on this planet, and I just assumed they were all movie stars. Now I know better.

It also has me wondering whether Praize’s parents are interested in adopting a 27-year-old woman from Los Angeles. Just asking for a friend.