After being hidden away for over a century, a man's handwritten note has been discovered, and his wish to be remembered has come true...

Do you have a family heirloom?

Not many people do.

But wouldn't it be nice to have something to remember your relations by?


A precious piece of history that's yours, and comes directly from your family.

Or even, just to have something discovered.

Something like a note...

Well, one woman has been so lucky.


As a handwritten note from her grandfather has found its way back to her.

After being hidden under the floorboards since 1917, it is truly remarkable!


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The note was discovered by a team who were working on the renovation of the Roslyn Grist Mill in New York.


After digging up the floorboards of the old mill, the team spotted something.

Wedged at the side was...

A weathered old milk bottle.

Now, some may have dismissed it as rubbish.

But thankfully, this team didn't as its contents are pretty rare.

The milk bottle was a capsule, with 2 letters and a number of rare coins stuffed inside.

One letter was written in English, while the other was penned in Italian.

The capsule and it contents are thought to date all the way back to 1917.

The Mirror reports that The Roslyn Landmark Society claims it was probably installed during a restoration project.

Fortunately, the letters have been very well preserved.

Preserved so well, that the authors of each could be identified.

The letter in English was written by Stephen Speedling, a gentleman who owned a carpentry shop in the city.

While the letter in Italian was written by Romolo Capparrello, who identified himself as the person who designed the structure's concrete roof.

Andrea Fedi, professor of Italian and cultural studies at Stony Brook University was able to translate the letter by Romolo Capparrello...

And what it said was quite emotional.

Capparrello wanted to be remembered for his pioneering work on the mill.

He wrote, "Attention, this is a gift that I am giving you,"

"Romolo Caparrelli invented the planking-style concrete roof and walls installed in 1916 and 1917."

"So remember us, first bricklayer Romolo Caparrelli."

But this incredible story doesn't stop there...

As Caparrelli's granddaughter, Pam Story, was contacted about the letter.

She was able to confirm that he was born in Pico, Italy, and later became a resident of Roslyn.

Pam spoke to the Landmark Society and said: "He worked on a restoration of the grist mill in 1916 when it was intended to be used as a museum."

"He applied a unique style of stucco to the exterior and concrete for the floors and roof. He also placed his initials in the stucco by the front entrance."

"I had been told by my father that he put a glass jar in the building’s wall with various contents. I am so glad that it was found and in relatively good condition."

Once the restoration of Roslyn Grist Mill is completed, the items will be put on display.

Despite being over a century ago, Caparrelli is certainly being remembered!

It makes you wonder what could be hidden under your floorboards...

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