Mara Gomez Becomes First Transgender Woman to Play Professional Soccer | 22 Words

In a huge leap forwards for trans rights, Argentinian soccer player, Mara Gomez, has become the first transgender woman to play the sport professionally.

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The subject of trans athletes has long been a controversial one.

While many believe those born in the wrong body should be able to compete professionally, others fear an unfair advantage.

Remember when Veronica Ivy won the world title in cycling?

The reactions online were nothing short of terrifying.

It's also worth noting that many who have objections to trans athletes are simply poorly educated.

There are (and remain) rules in place to keep every sport as fair as possible.

And how about this?

Being compassionate is easy, free, and makes the world a better place - for everybody.

But as the issue rages on ...

Trans athletes continue to battle for the right to be themselves while doing what they love.

However, there is a glimmer of hope...

And this brings us back to our story.

Words of congratulations have been flooding in from all across the globe...

Mara Gomez, twenty-three, officially registered with the Argentinian FA last month.

And this week, she made her professional football debut - the first trans woman to ever do so.

"When I started out, football was a therapy for me and I couldn’t think it was possible to dream or consider playing in the top division."

"A few years back this was unthinkable to talk about or debate but now we are opening new roads. This is a huge achievement. I’m totally grateful to my club, to my teammates and coaching staff for opening the doors for me and for showing me respect from the beginning," she told ESPN.

"I’m proud to represent a community but also a part of society and to know that I have become a reference for a lot of people."

"It wasn’t magic, it wasn’t a gift, it wasn’t easy. There was a life of fighting, suffering, and sadness."

"There was a life on the edge of death and a broken heart. Many obstacles had to be overcome to revert the past….This has only just begun. Today I breathe, today my soul returns to my body."

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