Margot Robbie Shares Childhood Photos While Asking for Bushfire Donations

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Millions of dollars have been pledged to help fight the deadly blazes currently tearing their way across Australia, but more aid is still needed.

Various celebrities have called upon their huge fan bases to donate what they can, and the latest to do so is the beloved Australian actress, Margot Robbie.

However, rather than show more photos of the devastation, Margot opted for sharing her own personal childhood photographs, and she had the most heartbreaking reason for doing so… Keep scrolling for the full story.

Due to soaring temperatures and one of the worst droughts in years, the relentless fires have been burning since September. We’re currently in January. Just let that sink in.  

The BBC reported that close to fifty bush fires continue to burn in populated coastal and inland regions to the city’s north.  

Including several volunteer firefighters.

Last month, the smoke was so bad in Sydney that air quality measured 11 times the “hazardous” level, CNN reports.

Several of Australia’s native species have been affected including kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, possums, wombats, and echidnas. Keep scrolling to see the latest snaps showing the true devastation on wildlife.

It’s believed that at least a third of Koalas in New South Wales alone have perished in the flames.

The country is totally unprepared for the devastation caused to its wildlife. Science for Wildlife executive director Dr Kellie Leigh told the New South Wales upper house inquiry: “We’re getting a lot of lessons out of this and it’s just showing how unprepared we are.
“There’s no procedures or protocols in place – even wildlife carers don’t have protocols for when they can go in after fire.”

It’s feared that animals that managed to survive the flames will need huge amounts of humanitarian assistance to get populations anywhere near back to what they used to be.

And its only set to get worse. But the number that surfaced this week is utterly heartbreaking.

Ecologists from the University of Sydney have said that it’s thought around 480 million mammals, birds, and reptiles have died since September. To learn more about the devasting story of one recused koala named Lewis, keep scrolling.

Firefighters all over the country have been tirelessly battling the formidable blazes and are struggling to contain them.  

In total, more than 5.9 million hectares (14.6 million acres) have been burned, CNN reports. And those who escaped the flames have lost their homes, with all their possessions perishing to the flames.

Canada was the first to respond and take action. The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre, based in Winnipeg, answered the call for help after realizing the bush fire situation is expected to continue for many more weeks and gave up their Christmas to help fight the raging fires.

Including the U.S. and New Zealand, who have sent in more firefighters to try and help tackles the blazes.

Famous names such as Hugh Jackman, PINK, Nicole Kidman, and the Australian comedian, Celeste Barber, have raised tremendous amounts of money for the cause.

And they have been desperately calling on their followers to pledge whatever they can towards the cause.

Margot, who rose to fame for her roles in The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad, has remained relatively silent on the crisis her country is facing… Until now.

And, in a video, she explained that she, “didn’t want to share more pictures of the devastation”, but rather some more personal photographs.

And went on to unveil a vintage-looking photo album, which contained photographs from her childhood.

And talked her 17.6 million-strong Instagram following through each photograph, slowly turning the pages and pointing at the pictures from her evidently very adventurous childhood.

And even some of her riding through the Australian bushland on a motorbike. Okay, my childhood certainly wasn’t that cool…

And had a wonderfully home-made warmth about it, featuring cutouts of her favorite Australian cartoons.

And points out a cute photograph of her when she was learning how to drive.

And many of a young Margot rocking a “really awesome haircut.”

Margot went on to turn the camera back around to herself, saying: “I’m sure you’re all aware of what’s happening in Australia at the moment with the fires, and I didn’t want to show you more pictures of the devastation, I wanted you to see how beautiful our country is.”

“It’s so beautiful, and it’s really really hurting right now,” she says, her voice breaking.

“It really needs you right now. So please, please donate anything you can.”

She provided links to various charities such as the Australian Red Cross, WIRES Wildlife Rescue, The Salvation Army, the NSW Rural Fire Service, and the Country Fire Authority in her Instagram bio and Stories, and went on to suggest: “Whatever you would have spent on your next cup of coffee, even one dollar would help. It’s so needed right now.”

“Please, please if you haven’t already donated, please do and let’s give future generations the childhood I was so lucky to have.”

And that Australia can be restored to the beautiful country it truly is.