Margot Robbie Fans Call For Her Stylist To Be Sacked Over Golden Globes Dress Disaster

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This year’s Golden Globes saw some incredible fashion wins but also witnessed some of the worst faux pas.

And fans are calling out Margot Robbie as being one of the worst dressed.

Keep scrolling to find out why and to see the ensemble for yourself…

Margot Robbie has seriously disappointed fans with her Golden Globes outfit…

So much so, that people are calling for her stylist to get sacked.

But first, let’s take a look at the best and worst we’ve seen this year…

Just be prepared for some questionable get-ups. Let’s start with the best dressed…

Rosamund Pike

via Getty

The sharp bob and floofy dress is a perfect combo …

Cynthia Erivo

via Getty

We love this space age neon gown.

Leslie Odom Jr.

via Getty

Who knew brown tweed with lime green was such a killer combo?

Josh O’Connor

via Getty

Stunning in oversize monochrome Loewe.

Tiffany Haddish

via Getty

Chain mail, but in the best way …

Emma Corrin

via Getty

Paying homage to Lady Di with a statement collar.

Amanda Seyfried

via Getty

True awards show glamor …

Dan Levy

via Getty

We know a chartreuse suit and chunky silver brogues may be a controversial combo – but we love it!

The entire Lee family

via Getty

Not a dud among them …

Angela Basset

via Getty

Feathers on, let out.

Anya Taylor Joy

Impeccable mermaid vibes.

Lily Collins

Who knew wearing a tapestry could look so glam?

Regina King

Sequins are a quick and easy way to our hearts …

Elle Fanning

An ethereal angel.

Maria Baklova

Serving classic beauty in a big red gown.

Laura Dern

via Getty

​She elevates a black pantsuit with some truly incredible spiky shoes.

Sofia Carson

via Getty

How could you not love this giant burgundy bow and train combo?

Sarah Hyland

Fifty shades of red …

Jane Fonda

Can’t get enough of this white suit and lilac hair combo.

Audrey Grace Marshall

via Getty

Almost too cute for words – we love those red slippers!

Zuri Hall

via Getty

We just want to touch that skirt!!

Andra Day

via Getty

Crochet and tulle – shouldn’t work, but it does.

Nicole Kidman

Loving this ’80s chain print.

Isla Fisher

Who says redheads can’t wear pink?

Sarah Paulson

Huge props for making a cast look like a covetable accessory …

Julia Garner

True ’20s flapper realness.

Susan Kelechi Watson

Why not go for a dress made entirely of beads?

Laverne Cox

Can do no wrong, in our eyes.

Anthony Anderson

via Getty

An elevated take on the classic tux.

Jamie Lee Curtis.

via Getty

Simply wow.


via Getty

Reminds us of ’70s dishware – in the best way.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Now this is how to wear a black dress to an awards ceremony.

Celeste Waite

via Getty

We love this retro, muted color palette.

Bill Murray

via Getty

This Hawaiian shirt is just so him.

Shira Haas

via Getty

Simple, but undeniably effective.

Gillian Anderson

via Getty

She never puts a foot wrong – and this look is no exception.

Frances Schoenberger

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A simple but effective look.

​Christian Slater

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We’re loving this classic suit with a teal twist.

Viola Davis

Loud, proud, and absolutely stunning.

Jo Ellen Pellman

We love this color blocking!

Eiza Gonzalez

Classic Versace with a 2021 twist.

Kiersey Clemons

Simply flawless.

Michelle Pfeiffer

You simply have to love a sequin top and cargo pant combo.

Karamo Brown

But honestly, would you expect anything less?

Daniel Kaluuya

The only word for this is smouldering.

Carey Mulligan

The perfect statement shoulders for a Zoom engagement.

Erin Lim

We, too, want to roll around in bed wearing this gown.
And now let’s get into the worst dressed …

Amy Poehler​

via Getty

Sorry, but this is just boring.

Tina Fey

via Getty

Though not as bad as this “teacher at the school disco” monstrosity.

Maya Rudolph

via Getty

Simply a tablecloth.

Salma Hayek

via Getty

​Ill-fitting and uninspiring. 

Kaley Cuoco

It’s not bad – we’re just not wowed.

Gal Gadot

Again – just a little bit pedestrian for awards night!

Nicola Coughlan

And amazing ensemble, ruined by an unnecessary black cardigan!

January Jones

She looks fine – but the fact she’s wearing the same dress as 10 years ago just hits the wrong note with us.

Jane Levy

via Getty

This is giving us serious tripophobia.

Olivia Colman.

It’s not very pretty, but it’s also not very cool …

Bryce Dallas Howard

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It takes a lot for us to not like sequins – but she’s managed it!

Jason Sudeikis

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Sorry if we’re being squares, but wearing pyjamas to the Golden Globes just doesn’t sit right with us.

Kevin Bacon

via Getty

Would it have killed him to button his shirt and brushed his hair?

Kate Hudson

We can’t get on board with these overly long white sleeves. An accident waiting to happen.

Rosie Perez

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How not to wear a black dress to an awards show …

Renee Zellweger

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Incredibly underwhelming.

Helen Hoehne

via Getty

A white suit is a brave choice – but perhaps a stupid one.

Kristen Wiig

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Reminiscent of a green wedding cake – and no one wants that.

And lastly, we have Margot Robbie…

Her “frumpy” Chanel number has left everyone demanding her stylist be sacked…

Here’s the dress in question…

via Getty

What do you think? It’s definitely not what we expected from the star.
Keep scrolling for more…