Margot Robbie’s Awkward Obama Story Is the Best Thing We’ve Heard All Day

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We’ve all had those days where we throw on just whatever is lying around to go out to do something really quick, assuming that it would be impossible to run into anyone we know. But it is the third law of thermodynamics (probably) that states it is when we are makeup-less, or in our sweatiest workout clothes, those are the times in which we will run into the person we want to see the least.

For most of us, that means our ex or the girl currently dating our ex (who is probably wearing a ball gown and full makeup, for some reason) but for actress Margot Robbie it was someone much, much worse.

The Australian actress has starred in Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street, and I, Tonya.

The two took a late honeymoon to Tahiti recently, which sounds really nice.

But there was so, so much more to the story. Because Margot didn’t just meet Ellen and it wasn’t just any regular meeting.

They decided to go to the gym. Ackerley busted out some very short shorts to work out in, which according to Margot were not completely… appropriate, if you get our drift.

She said she eventually gave in and realized he was right, they were at a resort in Tahiti, it’s not like he was walking down the streets of Manhattan in booty shorts. Nobody was going to see him, at least nobody they cared about or would ever see again.

It’s hard to tell this story without overstating how insane the chances of this happening are, but the chances of this happening are very slim. Well, maybe not for celebrities, but even celebrities probably don’t run into each other that often outside of LA or New York, even when they are staying in a nice hotel on a tropical island.

They had never met before, so Margot sheepishly introduced herself to Ellen, and Ellen’s wife Portia de Rossi, who was on the treadmill next to her.


That’s right, the former president of the United States of America was in the gym. With Margot. And her husband. And his tiny shorts.

He could be anywhere!