Over 40,000 people have signed a petition to stop a statue of Marilyn Monroe from being put up in Palm Springs due to the "misogynist" undertones of the artwork.

A lot of people have been left outraged at the sight of it.


Now, I know what you're thinking...

Is this something to really be upset over? Well, according to the petition and historical evidence, it is.

Writing in the description of the appeal, the creator outlined the reasons as to why this is not only an insult to Monroe herself, but an insult to women everywhere.


"A victim of r*pe at the age of 11, Norma Jean Baker suffered s*xual abuse throughout her life. Entering the entertainment industry, she was forced to change her name and her looks in order to become a movie star."

We don't have to dig too deep to uncover the truth behind Monroe's iconic appearance.


At the time, it was seen as s*xually appealing, and soon after leaving her mark on the film industry, she was quickly recognized as a global sex symbol. Her talent took a back seat and the abuse only got worse.

"In the 1950s she bravely spoke out about the abuse she endured at the hands of studio heads and others she called 'wolves,'" continued the creator.


"She warned upcoming female actors to beware of them."

The #MeToo movement sparked from the foundations of this very notion has riddled the industry with controversy even in the modern era.


Many of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood including Reese Witherspoon, who was abused by a Hollywood director at the age of sixteen, and Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie (plus eighty-three other women), who were all s*xually abused by Harvey Weinstein, spoke out against male predators.

That's why placing a hyper-sexualized 26-foot tall statue of Monroe at the front of Palm Springs Art Museum is nothing short of insulting.


The stainless steel effigy depicts the actress in a white dress blowing up in the wind as she tries to stop it exposing her undergarments.

A similar statue in Chicago actually reveals her underwear.


It has become an awkward photo op for a lot of people. Speaking to CBS, one spectator said: "It's gaudy and garish and, personally, I don't like it. It's just too much." However, another stated "it's tasteful enough."

"Tasteful" is not the right word for this one.

The petition mentioned how inappropriate it is for "innocent children" and Palm Springs visitors.


They also hinted that this is not the correct representation of Monroe, and instead it is "defiling" her legacy.

"She wanted to be taken seriously as an artist and not just a sexual icon. We join others in asking the City of Palm Springs to venerate—not defile—her memory," it stated.

"We challenge Palm Springs to find more appropriate ways to honor her memory and the true legacy of Marilyn Monroe."

The city council recently revealed the artwork in the area again after a 7-year hiatus.

This was after a vote which turned in favor of the controversial move. The idea was to help tourism in the area and help get Palm Springs back on its feet after such a devastating pandemic period.

​But multiple protests against the resurrection of the statue have occurred to overturn the decision.

The latest took place on May 8th with the slogan #MeTooMarilyn with social distancing rules in place. Hundreds turned out to oppose the artwork.

Other reasons for the protests include the placement of the statue allegedly going against city codes and road/highway planning guidelines.

And the fact that there is no proof that this will boost local tourism. How insulting.

Let's hope they re-think this one.

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