Video Shows Police Kneeled on Mario Gonzalez’s Back for 5 Minutes Before He Died

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A harrowing video of a police officer kneeling on Mario Gonzalez’s back minutes before he died has surfaced and the world has been left outraged yet again.

Graphic Content: This article contains some upsetting information.

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The incident took place in Alameda, California, and showed twenty-six-year-old Mario Gonzalez being restrained by officers.

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They then knelt on his back for approximately 5 minutes until he became unresponsive at the scene.

The release of the footage completely contradicts the officials’ original account of the incident where they claimed there was a “physical altercation.”

However, the video showed there was nothing of the sort.

Instead, it shows police officers approaching Gonzalez who was standing alone outside a park.

He had some bottles of alcohol in a basket and calmly spoke to the police officers for just under 9 minutes before they started arresting him.

They placed him face-down on the ground while 2 officers got on top of him, with one pressing his knee straight into Gonzalez’s shoulder.

He did this for 5 or so minutes before the victim became unresponsive.
Gonzalez could be heard groaning under the weight of the officers.

At one point he says “Please don’t do it… I’m sorry,” followed by more screams and groans.

Disgustingly, one officer even answered: “I forgive you.”

Police then said that he died in hospital but the video proved that to be false yet again, as one of the officers declared “no pulse” at the scene before starting CPR.

​The 3 officers have been placed on administrative leave.

​On Tuesday, members of Gonzalez’s family who had already seen the footage said he “complied” but “they continued to pin him down.”

Gonzalez’s brother Gerardo said: “Alameda police officers murdered my brother Mario,” later adding he was “not bothering anyone” and that “at no point was he violent,” which has been proved to be true via the footage.

“Everything we saw in that video was unnecessary,” he added. “APD took a calm situation and made it fatal.”

“Police killed my brother in the same manner that they killed George Floyd,” he said.

​Gonzalez’s mom also said that Gonzalez had a 4-year-old son and took care of his younger brother, who has autism.

“They broke my family for no reason,” Arenales said, adding that she “cannot sleep” because of it. She said even if her son was drunk, “they don’t have the right to kill him. We’re humans.”

It was also discovered that the officers failed to mention a knee was used on the victim in a similar fashion to when Derek Chauvin also left out the crucial bit of information.

​Instead, the situation was deemed a “medical emergency” until it was fully investigated and the real reason was revealed by the examiner.

​Gonzalez’s family is demanding authorities open an investigation into this unlawful death.

They’ve also asked that the officers be named and fired from their positions on the force.

Let’s hope justice gets served.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Stay tuned for more updates.