Mark Ruffalo Shares Rare Photo of ‘Beautiful’ 16-Year-Old Daughter Bella

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Mark Ruffalo has shared a rare photo of his “beautiful” eldest daughter Bella who is sixteen years old.

The fifty-three-year-old star posted the rare photo on Instagram, commenting on his daughter’s maturity. The photo features Bella sat in the car’s passenger seat looking into the distance.

Her curly hair is tucked into a striped gray beanie, which she paired with a navy sweatshirt and star-printed face mask.

Ruffalo shares Bella with his wife Sunrise Coigney, they have 2 other children, twenty-year-old Keen and thirteen-year-old Odette: “My daughter, Bella, so big and beautiful and coming into her own,” Ruffalo captioned the snap.

Amy Schumer complimented Bella in the comments section of the photo, writing: “I remember meeting her and thinking f— yes this is a cool original person.”

Back in April, Coigney celebrated her daughter’s sixteenth birthday with a special tribute on her home decor Instagram account, Sunny’s Pop. The post featured three photos of Bella wearing a colorful jacket, orange hat, and sunglasses while standing beside her bike in front of a grassy landscape.

“Perpetually in awe and wonder over you,” wrote Coigney. “You’re a force of nature my love. Happy birthday Bella Noche. 16 today.”

Ruffalo and Coigney have been married since 2000, having met 2 years previously. The pair crossed paths during a one-in-a-million encounter on the streets, he told The Guardian, and at the time, the actor was struggling in his career. However, everything changed when he “met [his] wife.”

As Ruffalo experienced the joys of marriage and fatherhood, he juggled his now-award-winning career, starring in hits like Just Like Heaven, 13 Going on 30, Shutter Island, and the long-running Avengers franchise. Coigney also had her own gigs throughout the years, but her main focus was being there for her family.

Coigney and Ruffalo chose to raise their kids in rural upstate New York. They bought a property in upstate New York a couple of decades ago because they couldn’t afford a house in the city but when acting became profitable, the family moved to Hollywood. They now live in Manhattan, New York.