Mark Wahlberg Has Switched to a Plant-Based Diet Because of His ‘Leaky Gut’

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Mark Wahlberg is known best for not only his career as an actor, but also for his insane fitness.

Ever since he shared his intense fitness regime with the world, people have seen him as some sort of fitness and health guru.

But in more recent times, Wahlberg has had to switch to a completely plant-based diet due to his “leaky gut.”

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But where did this all begin?

And being one of 9 brothers and sisters, he was born into a pretty chaotic household.

After his parents divorced in 1982, when Wahlberg was just eleven, he went on to drop out of high school and pursue a life of crime.

He got himself involved in drug dealing, stealing, and all-round violent behavior which would eventually lead to him serving time in prison at the age of sixteen.

Including an attack of a middle-aged Vietnamese man in 1988, to which the actor was shouting “Vietnamese f****** s***” during the assault.

Wahlberg realized it was time to turn his life around and put his troubles behind him.

In 1990, the star reinvented himself as “Marky Mark” and formed the band, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, and while he didn’t have the best singing voice in the world, his charismatic persona and good looks won fans over.

The actor went on to star in some small productions until he made it big with his role in The Basketball Diaries alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

And his list of on-screen work is endless. He has starred in productions such as Three Kings (1999), The Yards (2000), Planet of the Apes (2001), The Lovely Bones (2009), Ted (2012), Entourage (2015), and so many more.

And neither does his fitness regime.

And, let’s face it, he still looks amazing all of those years on.

So last year, Wahlberg shared his daily regime via Instagram stories and the world was left completely shook.

But it clearly works for the dedicated actor!

From just looking at him, it’s clear he has a very carnivorous diet…

But the ripped actor has recently opened up about having no choice but to ditch his meaty 8-meal-a-day diet due to reoccurring stomach problems.

Speaking to Men’s Health, the forty-eight-year-old revealed he had switched to a plant-based diet – at least for now – and was feeling “really good.”

And many fans were intrigued by his diet and fitness processes.

To which he replied, “I normally never fast. In this particular shot, I was eating eight meals a day. But eating 8 meals a day and sometimes steak two times a day, I was just eating chicken, fish, steak, pork, I found myself towards the end of the movie – 6 months – with a leaky gut.”

“So I did just do a fast, I did a bone broth fast, and I’ve been eating plant-based for about 3 weeks now and I gotta tell ya, I feel really good,” he went on to explain.

But it has certainly helped the actor out with his dodgy stomach!

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